WHA Group warns that online gambling sites are hiding links when searching for Mr Jareeporn Jarukornsakul

WHA Corporation Public Company Limited or WHA Group has found that online gambling websites have hidden links when searching or looking for the name of Mr Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, chairman of the company director committee and Group CEO, WHA Corporation Public Company Limited

The company would like to inform that the company is not affiliated with any online gambling site in any way and warns everyone to be careful. And don’t be fooled by social media advertising if you suspect​​​​or see misleading advertising. Please inform the company or enquire. through the following contact methods
Telephone: 0-2719-9555
Email: marketing@wha-group.com
Website: https://www.wha-group.com/cy/contact
Facebook: By sending a message via Facebook Messenger. www.facebook.com/whagroup

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