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“What 1.5 billion in my bank account”… The end of a 30-something luxury life with mistransferred money

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A man who became a millionaire overnight due to a bank mistake has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Recently, Newsweek reported the story of a man who found 95.2 million rubles (about 1.467 billion won) in his bankbook while withdrawing money from an ATM in Tula, Russia, in June last year.

According to reports, Roman Yurkov, 35, who works as a car salesman, was startled by the large amount on his bank account. Afterwards, Yurkov received a message saying that 95.2 million rubles had been deposited into his account, and he thought that this amount was a prize he had won from a gamble not long ago.

However, Yurkov, unable to raise any doubts, called the bank to confirm that his account was working, and decided to spend the money with peace of mind when the bank replied, “No problem.”

Yurkov bought four apartments and made 220 transactions in one year, including two luxury foreign cars such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz and the latest iPhone. He said, “I bought everything I wanted. It was like a movie.”

About five months later, the bank sensed something strange as it prepared a quarterly report, and his account with only 39 million rubles (about 600 million) left was seized. The following month, Yurkov was arrested by the police.

According to Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the Sovetsky District Court found Yurkov guilty of theft and sentenced him to six years in prison. The court found that he took advantage of malfunctions such as withdrawing funds from an account through a mistake on the part of the bank while updating the bank’s mobile application software.

But Yurkov said: “I’ve been in regular contact with the bank to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my account, and I’ve been repeatedly told by the bank staff that ‘everything is fine’.” He continued, “I didn’t do anything wrong, and it was a mistake made by the bank. I believed it was other money,” he continues, claiming not guilty.

Meanwhile, in the United States last month, a bank mistakenly deposited a whopping 56 trillion won into a customer’s account, which became a hot topic. The customer said he realized it was not his and immediately reported it to the bank.

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