What a waste; The second hand wooden chair he bought for Rs 500 was sold for Rs 16 lakh

It is not a new thing to buy goods at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price.

There is a reason why chairs get gold. This chair is from an art school in Vienna, Austria in the early twentieth century. It is a traditional wooden chair that has been trending since the 18th century.

The woman bought the chair from a shop in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. But when they bought it, they did not know it had an expensive design. Once a close relative came to the girl’s house and noticed the date written on the chair. Inquired further about the chair.

When the young woman finally contacted a historian, she discovered that the chair was from the Avant-Garde Art School in Vienna, Austria, in the early twentieth century.

The chair was designed in 1902 by the famous Austrian painter Cologne Moser. Moser was a famous modern artist of the time.

The chair has a rope-like checkerboard design on the seat and back of the chair. An Austrian dealer called and bought the chair for Rs 16.4 lakh.



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