What Ancelotti thinks about Benzema’s injury

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Milita also left the field after getting injured in the first half yesterday. In the 36th minute, Militao was replaced by Dani Carvajal. Then Benzema got injured in the second half. The French forward left the field in the 60th minute. Then Ancelotti brought Rodrigo to the field. Los Blancos coach said after the match, ‘Benzema’s injury is not a matter of concern. Militao’s injury is slightly more serious than that. Both of them are professional footballers. They themselves told me to transfer. Tomorrow we will test both. Injuries happen at this stage of the season.’

Benzema contributed to both Real’s goals yesterday. Although he did not score, the French forward assisted. Marco Asensio scored the team’s first goal in the 52nd minute. Then Vinicius Jr. scored in the 54th minute. Los Blancos are second in La Liga after winning 2-0 with 45 points from 19 matches. Barcelona is at the top with 50 points after playing the same number of matches.

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