What are the 6 Korean dramas recommended by British ‘BBC’? | HYPEBEAST.KR

british public broadcaster go ‘ We introduced 6 recommended Korean dramas to watch afterward.

is October 16th Korean time I recently published an article about the success of Korean culture, led by Is , From movies such as , to K-pop artists such as Blackpink and BTS, and recent “In Asia, Korean programs have been popular for a long time. After the outbreak of Corona 19, the Western entertainment industry literally shut down, and the craze of Korean dramas began.”

next Is ‘We recommended six Korean dramas that you should watch if you are addicted to it. is with the words “love that crosses the border between North and South” was recommended, and for those who like crime was recommended A list of 6 Korean dramas recommended by . can be seen below.

suggestion, 6 Korean dramas to watch later


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