What are the cheapest gas stations in Bogotá?

In the video, published on Tuesday, March 29, Me_dicenpato begins his journey to the east of Bogotá, close to Forest Cafamwhere a Primax pump is offering a gallon of gasoline at 13,599 pesos.

The next gas stations that you visit do not have the same price reduction, since you go through several neighborhoods in the south of Bogotá, where the locals have prices above 14,000 pesos.

After finishing south of the city, he headed to the northernmost gas station, located on 160, where The Primax company offers a gallon of ACPM at 13,699 pesos.

Until this moment of the video, it stands out that the gas station that appears the most is Primax, offering the cheapest prices over the others. However, this company is not the one that takes the title of the cheapest in the city.

The cheapest gas station is on Boyacá, going towards the Titán Shopping Center, where the Petrobras company offers the gallon of ACPM at 13,100 pesos. The same character warned that during peak hours, this gas station is usually in line.


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