What are the memories of Shosuke Tanihara and Toru Hashimoto who received Antonio Inoki’s “Fighting Soul Infusion” slap? : Watch J-CAST TV[testun llawn]

“‘How are you!’ I will never forget your loud voice,” said Shosuke Tanihara, host of “Mezamashi 8” on the 3rd (October 2022), referring to former professional wrestler Antonio Inoki. He died a day later of heart failure.

“He actually slept, he called out in the morning, and he died without anything else and no pain. Well, it must have been a great life. I’m happy that everyone liked me. “I think to him leave for Japan,” said his younger brother Keisuke (74).

  • Antonio Inoki died (image is image)

  • Antonio Inoki died (image is image)

Tanihara “I’m very happy”

My older brother’s memories, especially vivid memories, are, “I guess you could say he was considerate of his fans. I think he was always there to be liked by everyone. That’s why he very important to his fans.”

Among them, there was a unique fan service. It is the “Fighting Soul Infusion Binta” that has become synonymous with Mr. Inoki. Why did you start such a radical fan service? It was 32 years ago that he became very well known. At a prep school in Tokyo, one of the fans said, “Please let me punch you in the stomach.” Afterwards, the slapped student passed the exam, and was said to be popular with the public as “good luck”.

Regarding this slap, Mr. Tarzan Yamamoto, former editor-in-chief of “Weekly Pro-Wrestling”, “I want everyone to slap Tokon. Mr. Inoki knows that, so he’s happy to do it. That kind of service spirit. He has Inoki-san a lot.”

Tanihara: When I was a child, professional wrestling was very popular and everyone admired Mr. Inoki. I was very happy when I met Mr. Inoki and got a slap.

Toru Hashimoto (also a lawyer) “I also got a slap, but when it was over, I was asked if I was okay.”

Tanihara: Have you ever wanted to be injected with fighting spirit?

Norihisa Furuichi (Sociologist A) “No.”

According to Tanihara, “I asked him about it, and he says the pain varies depending on where he uses his hand when hitting.”

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