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Apple released the iOS 16 beta 2 update to developers today. It has been about two weeks since the previous iOS 16 beta. This update is mainly to improve the personal lock screen, iCloud backup support for 5G networks, spam and other functions. We round up the most notable improvements in iOS 16 beta 2.

Special reminder that iOS 16 beta 2 is mainly for developers to use, it does not mean that a lot of bugs have been fixed. At present, Mr. Crazy found that the original iOS 16 beta problem will still appear in the new version. If it has not been updated, please do not rashly upgrade. If you want to know more about the iOS 16 beta disaster, it will be consolidated in the “disaster report area”.

Summary of new features in iOS 16 Beta 2

Four major improvements to the personalized lock screen

Apple has re-adjusted the process of editing and creating a personalized unlock screen. Instead, you can swipe up to click the trash can to delete the background image. Previously, you needed to press and hold to delete the background.

Summary of new features in iOS 16 Beta 2

The “Background Image” in “Settings” is also adjusted at the same time. A “Customize” button is added. You can also “Customize the current wallpaper” or “Add a new wallpaper”, allowing users to modify or add backgrounds tablecloth.

iOS 16 Beta 2 New Features Summary 1

When a photo is set as the lock screen, the iOS 16 personalized lock screen will also display the “How to crop with two fingers” prompt, reminding users that they can adjust the position and size of the tablecloth by pinching or opening and closing their fingers.

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iOS 16 Beta 2 New Features Summary 2

In iOS 16 Beta 1, there were only two photo filter styles to choose from, and now four new filters are added: Duotone, Color Background, Studio, and Color.

If you want to know more about the iOS 16 lock screen, please refer to “iOS 16 Lock Screen Tutorial: Use 13 Tips to Create a Personalized Unlock Screen”.

iOS 16 Beta 2 New Features Summary 3

Dynamic Astronomy wallpaper improvements and new legacy device support

Dynamic Astronomical Wallpaper adds support for A12 Bionic chip series devices, such as iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR can also use Dynamic Astronomical Wallpaper.

In addition, the dynamic astronomical wallpaper has also been updated, and there will be a small green dot on the map, which can be seen through outer space, and the earth is also displayed at your current location.

iOS 16 Beta 2 New Features Summary 4

Weather forecast function evolution

iOS 16 beta 2 also adds hourly weather information for the next 10 days to the “Weather App”, allowing you to know the weather status in advance before traveling or traveling.

Weather forecast function evolution

Photo screenshot editing and saving new function

After taking screenshots through iOS 16 beta 2, the “Save to Quick Memo” function has been added to the screenshot save interface.

sleep function explanation

In the “Health APP”, there is an additional explanation of “Why is sleep so important”. If you want to understand the importance of sleep, you can fully understand the importance of sleep time through iOS 16 beta 2.

keyboard dictation sound

iOS 16 beta 2 also added a new sound effect for the “Keyboard Dictation” function. As long as you click the microphone icon in the lower right corner, you will hear a beep, letting users know that the keyboard dictation function has been triggered.

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File added sidebar icon

iOS 16 beta 2 adds an additional floating sidebar icon to the “File APP”. If a PDF file is opened, a sidebar option will automatically appear in the upper left corner of a large number of pages. After clicking, the side page bar will be displayed immediately.

System video supports gesture playback

On iOS 16 beta 2, the system video player has been able to long press and browse videos.

Apple Cash feature improvements

  • Apple tweaked the interface for Apple Cash, with more options for displaying balances, sending and requesting.
  • In the “Wallet APP”, the Apple Card interface page will display daily/weekly/monthly reward review information.

5G mobile network supports backup

Starting with iOS 16 beta 2, users can also perform iCloud backup via 5G or LTE mobile network!

iOS 16 Beta 2 New Features Summary 5

Enhanced spam reporting

In addition, the function of reporting spam text messages has also been enhanced simultaneously. Users can report SMS/MMS spam text messages directly to telecom operators. As long as the telecom operators have support, they can see the reporting option in the information of unknown contacts. If they do not support it, they will be reported directly to Apple.

Improve message filtering

Apple said that iOS 16 beta 2 allows developers to directly classify unknown numbers into 12 new sub-categories. If you use spam filtering tools such as Whoscall, you can also see “” directly on the message. Possibly Spam” looked up.

iOS 16 Beta 2 new features summary 6

Dual-SIM iPhone users can also filter messages based on their SIM card, being able to select all lines or display only the primary or secondary SIM numbers.

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The above is the improved content of the new version of iOS 16 beta 2. If you want to know about iOS 16 related teaching, you can refer to the following:


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