What are the symptoms of “smallpox monkey”? and the latest situation

smallpox There is always a change, an old disease, but a new emergence.

monkey pox It is an infectious disease caused by infection with a group of viruses.Pox virus (Poxvirus), which is a virus in the same group as smallpox virus (smallpox or smallpox)

The first infection was reported in monkeys used as laboratory animals in 1958. monkey pox

Indeed diseased animal is rodent such as squirrel rodent Until the year 1970, the first reported infection in humans was found.

  • monkey pox situation

At present (24 June 2022), there are approximately 2,103 confirmed cases, distributed worldwide in 42 countries at risk in Europe and America.

especially in the country Spain England United States Canada Portugal outbreaks have been reported Found that the number of infected people has exceeded 20 and is expected to continue to increase.

which the outbreak now monkey pox It is endemic in Central and West Africa.

It was found that there were reports of sporadic cases of infection. including outside the area of ​​outbreaks from traveling to endemic areas

This wave of outbreaks began in May 2022 and found cases in many countries, especially the continent. Europe America Australia

found in male love group assumed to be caused by the gathering and close activities during Pride Festival (Pride month) of LGBTQ

  • Monkey pox symptoms

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sumanus Bunyaratwet, MD. Central Director, Medical Specialist Association of Dermatologists of Thailand He said that the symptoms of monkey pox were divided into 3 stages.

1) incubation period

This is the stage in which the virus incubates in the body, has no symptoms and is not contagious to others. It lasts about 1-2 weeks, but can be up to 3 weeks after exposure.

2) The stage before the rash

It is a period where patients have symptoms of fever, fatigue, headache, enlarged lymph nodes. Patients can spread the infection through droplets during this period.

3) rash phase

After 1-3 days of fever, a rash appears. face body and spread arm legcan be found at palm hand soles

The rash looks like small blister then it will change to clear blister and break out until scab and disappear within 1-2 weeks

may have an infection bacteria can be repeated during the clear blister causing pus in the clear water blister the patient can contagious in this period

from close contact with secretions for a period of several minutes to hours and may be caused by touching contaminated items

Complications Symptoms are generally mild and resolve on their own. except in those who are immunocompromised Complications and death can occur in 1% (West African species which is the species that is currently in the epidemic)

  • If you have any suspicious symptoms, see your doctor.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chakrabongse Bruminen physician infectious disease said that if there are symptoms that are not sure whether monkey pox or should not see a doctor

Ready to inform risk history Your doctor will consider testing. virus DNA from a rash or pustules by sending for laboratory examination by PCR

  • treatment

At present, there is no antiviral drug thatuse to heal monkey pox directly, but there is a drug called tecovirimat which is used to treat smallpox

There is information in animal studies that it may be used to treat disease.monkey pox But there is no such drug in Thailand.

may consider vaccine To those who have not received or received the vaccine before more than 3 years, can be vaccinated within 4 days (may be given up to 14 days) after touch the infection for the body to build immunity and reduce the severity of the disease

  • monkey pox prevention

Dr. Chakrabongse said that the way to prevent

1) Avoid close contact with those who are at risk or who have a rash Especially during the rupture of the wound and a large amount of secretions.

2) should Isolate and clean the equipment. shared Wear a mask and wash your hands often.

3) Avoid close contact with diseased animal with symptoms

  • preventive vaccine there are two kinds

1) Live vaccine (ACAM2000) contains the same bacterium used for vaccination in Thailand. (Stop inoculation after 1974) found that it may be able to prevent infection. monkey pox 85% (should wait for further studies)

2) inactivated vaccine (JYNNEOS) requires 2 injections 4 weeks apart. At present, neither vaccine is available in Thailand. It also recommends vaccines only for people at high risk, such as lab workers or research on laboratory animals.

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