What are the trendy sneakers following Adidas Samba?

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Following Adidas Samba, the trending sneakers these days

Adidas samba sneakers, which have been at the center of the trend for a while, seem to pass the baton to the next runner. The main character is ‘Mexico 66’ by Onitsuka Tiger. As expected from the name, it is also an iconic sneaker that has become a representative model of Onitsuka Tiger since its release in 1966. Celebrities who have a particular fondness for sneakers, such as Kaia Gerber and Hailey Bieber, have already fallen in love with the charm of ‘Mexico 66’ early on, and enjoying different styles by stocking them by colour. Now, 57 years after its first release, ‘Mexico 66’ is once again at the center of the ever-changing trend!

Following Samba, ‘Mexico 66’ also depends on how well the Y2K keywords are styled. Natalia confirmed her essentials with an off-the-shoulder top and a ruffled nylon cargo skirt, and perfected her look with boots. Bag and shoes look much more attractive thanks to a neat outfit without any excess. (@nataliaspotts)

Kaia Gerber is also the person who transformed the adidas samba era, which was like a fortress, into the Mexico 66. She is often seen walking down the street wearing the Mexico 66, which has a striking contrast between yellow and black, and naturally puts these sneakers in the middle of the trend. film <킬 빌>It is called ‘Mexico 66 Kill Bill’ because it is reminiscent of the same sneakers that Uma Thurman wore from ‘Mexico’ and completed a film outfit that will go down in history. It is also the most popular colour. (@kaiagerber)

Marine Elizabeth wears these bright yellow sneakers almost every day these days, showing off her ootd, and the outfit that got the biggest reaction was this one. Pairing a graphic T-shirt reminiscent of a dress with Bermuda shorts, he received a number of comments saying that the colors blue, black and yellow made a perfect triplex, and that fashionable elements were used well throughout. (@e1isabethng)

Bella Hadid’s choice is black. The combination of Mexico 66, which has spent almost 60 years in styling based on the 90s, like a JanSports backpack with only one strap slung over the shoulder, hair pulled up with plastic tongs , and retro hoop earrings, is a combination that cannot. but match. (@bellahadid)

If you have a busy time thanks to the festivals held all over the country every week, keep an eye on Aisha’s blog. Activewear is essential for singing and dancing with excitement. Aisha wore ‘Mexico 66’ in a light and casual look with a racer tank top and denim shorts, completing a unique look that once again drew attention. (@aishafarida)

‘Mexico 66’ also goes well with items that are saturated with beautiful details such as lace and ribbons. This is because it has a good design that balances the coquette fashion reminiscent of ballerinas without leaning towards ‘too much romance’. Is that all? It would be quite fun to style the sneakers that have entered the mainstream in your own style. (@nataliaspotts)

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