What are Utility Tickets? So why is it split into 2 groups?

At the moment, Utility Token, one of the digital assets started to gain more and more popularity especially the new generation At the same time, many people still do not know what Utility Token is?

Utility Ticket It is electronic data generated on an electronic system or network. which entitles the holder to certain goods, services or any other rights There are two groups of supervisory principles.

utility ticket ready to use group 1 along with

A ready-to-use utility token intended for consumption purposes, such as a digital voucher issued in the form of a token. A ticket that gives the right to redeem concert tickets and artwork, images, music, stamps or videos as a non-fungible ticket (NFT), where the holder of the NFT is given one specific right.

A ready-to-use utility token used instead of a certificate. (certificate) or showing various rights such as renewable energy certificates, tax invoices and land title deeds

For ready-to-use utility tokens, Group 1 is exempt from regulatory requirements for public digital token offerings. and relinquish supervision of related business operations Such tokens should not be a means of payment for goods and services (Method of Payment: MOP) in accordance with the guidelines set by the Bank of Thailand (BOT)* and issuer of digital tokens. The deposit of digital assets for betting should not be allowed, except for betting for voting or participating in activities. or to receive rewards from ecosystem activities

It also prohibits digital asset exchanges from listing Group 1 utility tokens for trading. and prohibit digital asset brokers and digital asset traders from providing services related to such utility tokens.

utility ticket ready to use group 2 along with

A utility token that allows access to goods and services on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), including Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

utility token ready for use in trading centers intended to be used on the trading center to pay the fee as a discount on the fee Accumulated to upgrade membership levels, each level will receive different benefits (exchange tokens).

A ready-to-use utility token that grants voting rights to modify or make decisions about business operations (governance token).

The utility token is ready for use in projects that provide services related to digital assets in the form of Central Finance (CeFi), etc.

For ready-to-use, group 2 utility tokens that wish to be listed on the trading center The offering must be approved by the SEC, where the seller must submit a filing form and a prospectus. Including offering through a digital token offering service provider (ICO portal).

Such tokens should not be MOP as per the guidelines set by the BOT and the issuer should not accept staking. Unless it is staking in the specified manner, ie being used as a transaction confirmation mechanism. or for voting or joining activities or to receive rewards from ecosystem activities

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