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‘What are you doing when you play’ Jae-seok Yoo X Junha Jung, hiring a new employee of’Infinite Trading Co.’

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MBC’Infinite Challenge’

[인사이트] Reporter Jeong Hyeon-tae = MBC’What do you do when you play?’ Yoo Jae-seok has once again transformed into a new character, ‘Yoo Headquarters’.

In MBC’s’Infinite Challenge’, Wuhan Trading Co., Ltd., when Yoo joined a new company, and took the position of headquarter. In particular, during an interview for a new employee, he reunited with manager Jung Joon-ha and showed a sorrowful competing.

For this reason, the interview held at Infinite Corporation in the past’Infinite Challenge’ is becoming a hot topic again.

In’Infinite Challenge’ in 2012, an open recruitment interview of Wuhan Corporation was held. The interviewers on this day were Yoo Jae-seok, manager Jung Jun-ha, and Park Myung-soo.

The person who appeared as the first applicant was No Hong-cheol, who was resentful as No Hong-sik. Interviewers were amazed by the size of Noh Hong-cheol’s head, while Noh Hong-cheol laughed at showing his savvy dialect.


InsightMBC’Infinite Challenge’

After that, Jung Hyung-don, who appeared as Terry Jung of the concept of dyslexia, showed a shameful appearance, saying, “It’s a designer” to Yoo Jae-seok’s clothing point.

The third applicant, Haha, drew attention as a hybrid spring with his front hair drooping down to his eyes sprang up and disassembled into GeoLaby.

When asked about his worth, he replied with a “blank check” and made a big laugh.

The fourth applicant, Gil Seong-jun, who appeared in a neat appearance wearing a wig, had only been intern at Wuhan Corporation for three and a half years, and had been interviewing for four years.

Interviewers praised the personality of Gil, who worked as an intern for a long time, and showed a friendly appearance.


InsightMBC’Infinite Challenge’

The last applicant to appear was none other than Big Bang G-Dragon. He used his real name Kwon Ji-yong.

G-Dragon appeared in a stylish suit with colorful dyed hair and showed the time to share a high-five with the interviewers as soon as he entered.

He sang his hit song’The Liar’, saying that he had composed since childhood, and performed acting to find his wife, saying that he played the role of Samdol in Madang Drama.

In particular, G-Dragon made the atmosphere warm by performing the’shuffle dance’, which was a topic at the time, with the applicants.

In the end, G-Dragon was the final successful candidate for the recruitment interview for Wuhan Corporation, and the rest of the applicants swallowed up regret.


InsightMBC’Infinite Challenge’

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