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What BJ Pangi Yoga said after reading Nexon’s’Maple Story probability manipulation’ apology

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[인사이트] Reporter Park Sang-woo = Nexon announced an apology for the controversy over the manipulation of item probability in Maple Story and released’paid item enhancement information’.

African TV BJ Pang-iyo, who is known to have paid 2 billion won worth of bills for Maple Story alone, could not hide his anger when he saw Nexon’s apology.

On the 5th, when Nexon’s apology was released, Pang-Iyo quickly turned on Afreeca TV and communicated with viewers.

Pang-iyo said, “I was lying down to sleep, but a notice came up. I was pissed.”

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Meanwhile, Pang-i-yo began to read the apology posted by Maple Story. From the title of the apology, he could not stand the anger and expressed it.

He read the title, “I will do my best to restore the trust of customers with the determination of the phantom metamorphosis.”

He added, “This is not a big disappointment, but damage. It’s not how many existing users have been damaged.”

It is known that Pang-iyo charged about 2 billion won for Maple Story alone. He has the best items in the game, and this probability adjustment and compensation plan has reduced its scarcity.

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This is a part that can appeal to Pang-iyo’s resentment, who completed the item through billing before the probability was adjusted.

“I charge tens of millions of won per month,” said Pang-iyo, “but the customer center hasn’t responded for 3 weeks,” he said. “I’ll look at the discussion board.”

He criticized not only himself, but also all existing Maplestory users as victims, saying, “Before compensation, pay compensation for damage to existing users. I have been fraudulent for 8 years.”


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