What causes fat under the eyes to swell, precautions after surgery for replacing fat under the eyes?

Haidak Medical Correspondent Kim Hyung-seok, DirectorㅣSource: Haidak

A person’s eyes play a major role in determining the first impression. However, if dark circles and wrinkles form in the eyes and the fat under the eyes is prominent and protruding, it can give a dark impression or make you look older than your original age.

The skin around the eyes is relatively thin and has less sebum secretion, so it begins to age faster than the skin in other areas. Fat swelling under the eye is also a result of skin aging. The orbital septum, which supports the fat under the eyes, is weakened and pushed forward, and the fat flows out into the lower eyes, resulting in the formation of a sub-orbital sulcus and pockets of fat. To improve this, subeye fat repositioning surgery can help.

What is eye fat repositioning surgery?
Fat repositioning under the eye is a surgery that flattens the swollen fat under the eyes. A small gap is made in the conjunctiva inside the eyelid, and the fat is redistributed evenly into the gap to remove the protruding area and fill the empty area with volume so that the entire lower eyelid becomes flat again. By this, you can make your usual tired and aged impression look bright and young.

Fat repositioning surgery under the eye is the most preferred surgery in recent years as it takes a short operation time and quick recovery. However, it is difficult to expect good results if the operation is performed in the same way without considering each patient’s case of lower eyelid fat, lower eyelid skin condition, lower eyelid fat structure, and thickness. of the skin. The surgical method must be different depending on the patient’s condition, such as laser △incision △ partial incision △. In addition, the skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the skin in other areas, so it is necessary to decide whether to have surgery or not by understanding the structural parts such as the surrounding muscle layer and the cheekbones.

Precautions after lower eyelid fat repositioning surgery
Up to a week after surgery, try to avoid bending your neck while sleeping, and keep your head higher than your heart by elevating your upper body to help relieve swelling quickly. It is best to sleep in the correct position with your face facing the ceiling, and you can sleep on your side from 1 week after surgery. Below are the precautions to remember after surgery.

1. In some cases, conjunctival oedema, where the white of the eye swells, can occur after surgery. You can rest assured that there is no problem with your vision.

2. The final shape after lower eyelid fat repositioning surgery will be stable after about 6 months.

3. After surgery, your eyes may be blurry or dry, causing tears to flow. This improves over time.

4. Swelling lasts for 2 to 3 days after surgery, and yellow bruising may occur as minor bleeding is absorbed.

5. Because the operation is performed through the conjunctiva inside the eye, mucus and secretions may increase temporarily after surgery. From time to time, a little blood may come out, but there is no need to worry as it is part of the recovery process.

6. It is recommended to apply cold compresses continuously for about 3 days after surgery, and after that, apply cold compresses only after waking up. After the swelling has subsided to some extent, apply alternating heat and cold compresses.

7. If you massage the edges of your eyes with your hands while applying a warm compress, recovery will be faster. (However, since fat has been redistributed in the center of the eye, it is not recommended to touch it vigorously. It is recommended to gently massage the edge of the eye with a finger or slide a cotton swab gently from the inside to the outside.)

8. Avoid vigorous exercise for about 2 weeks after surgery, and when getting up after lying down or sitting, move slowly so as not to apply sudden force.

Written = Director Kim Hyung-seok, medical reporter in Haidak (Plastic surgeon)


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