What did Marian Minae’s ex-life partner do as soon as she found out that “Prison” was a suspect in the assassination of the millionaire from Sibiu

The news that the father of her child could be a cold-blooded murderer shook Florentina Lorena, Marian Minae’s ex-life partner. The two have a 10-year-old boy together, who is in the care of his mother. Ever since she learned that the man she once loved might be involved in the murder of millionaire Adrian Kreiner, probably fearing the backlash of public opinion and to protect her child, the woman has done her best to lose track of him.

About 10 years ago, Marian Minae, called “Prison”, and Florentina Lorena formed a couple, and as a result of their relationship, a little boy resulted. The two later separated, and the little one remained in the mother’s care, but the kid’s father also got involved in his son’s life. The boy, who practices martial arts, managed to make his parents proud with his sports performances.

After they broke up, both Florentina Lorena and Marian Minae rebuilt their romantic lives with other partners. However, they have kept in touch as they have a child together. Even if Florentina Lorena’s new life partner treats the kid as if he were his child, his biological father was also with the little boy.

When she found out that Marian Minae was detained, being suspected of being one of the assassins of businessman Adrian Kreiner, the woman, who lives in Râmnicu Sărat, was horrified. Probably out of the desire to protect her child, but also out of fear of being judged by people for the alleged deeds of her former life partner, Florentina Lorena did her best to lose track of him.

Florentina rebuilt her life with another man, who is very careful with the son she has with Marian Minae photo source: Facebook

She cut off contact with anyone outside her entourage and only kept in touch with a few close ones to support her in the difficult situation she is going through. Although she knew that Minae was not a church doorman, he already had two convictions for theft when they met, and in 2013, together with four other individuals, he robbed a man from the Dolja commune of Galicea Mare, the woman did not expect that he to get to the point of murder.

After Florentina broke up with Marian Minae, their little boy remained in her care photo source: Facebook

It didn’t even occur to him that Minae could commit such a serious act, which will keep him for a long time away from his child, whom he loves dearly, as evidenced by the messages full of affection that the alleged murderer dedicate them to the little one.

“Happy birthday, daddy’s baby, I love you, be healthy!”, was the message that Minae wrote to his son on June 1, on a social network.

Florentina Lorena is very involved in the education and upbringing of her little boy, who managed to achieve very good sports results photo source: Tiktok

He was detained in the UK

Millionaire Adrian Kreiner died on Tuesday, November 7, after three men wearing masks and gloves entered his villa in Sibiu during the night and brutally beat him for about 40 minutes. He was at home with his 20-year-old daughter, who had just arrived from Austria, and his girlfriend, Adriana Emilia Viliginschi.

Two of the three suspects in the case of the murder of the Sibiu businessman were caught, on Sunday, in Great Britain. One is Marian Cristian Minae, known as “Pușcarie”, and the second, Laurentiu Ghiță, both 35 years old.

The third suspect, who is still at large, is Cosmin Costinel Zuleam, who was tried in 2020 for aggravated theft after allegedly breaking into a store in Slovenia and stealing mobile phones in the amount of 155,000 euros.


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The three suspects in the case of the murder of the businessman Adrian Kreiner were chased by the police. The judges issued arrest warrants