What did you report to the National Assembly… “Listen to 4 circumstances in North Korea”


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Now, the question is, what kind of report did the Ministry of National Defense reported to the National Assembly two years ago that sparked controversy over disclosure?

At that time, the Ministry of National Defense said that it was presumed to have defected to North Korea based on four circumstances, and both the ruling and opposition lawmakers at the time conveyed the Ministry of National Defense’s judgment that ‘there is a high possibility of defection’.

Reporter Jeong Dong-hoon pointed out the situation at the time.

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The People’s Strength Congressional Assembly held two days after the shooting of a public official in the West Sea.

Rep. Han Ki-ho, who was a secretary of the National Defense Commission, said this to fellow lawmakers.

[한기호/국민의힘 의원·당시 국방위 간사]

“Of course, the family says there is no reason to defect to North Korea now, but what the Ministry of Defense officially decided is that there is an intention, and that intention seems to have been North Korea.”

In the emergency report of the National Assembly at that time, the Ministry of National Defense cited four reasons as to the North Korean defection.

The first is that the missing person was wearing a life jacket, and the second is that the North Korean military found it in a small float that could fit one person.

In addition, it is a record of interception that captures the fact that the missing person left his shoes neatly and finally the missing person informed the North Korean side of his intention to visit North Korea.

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[안영호/당시 합참 작전본부장(지난 2020년 9월 국회 국방위)]

“Until now, we have judged that it is highly likely that they have attempted North Korea…”

In the one-hour undisclosed report, detailed reports related to wiretapping were made, and it seems that lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties did not raise any objection after hearing the Ministry of National Defense’s judgment of ‘to North Korea’.

Rep. Han Ki-ho, who was criticized for belatedly changing his position by the people, explained, “At the time, the remarks about the intention to defect to North Korea were meant to convey the judgment of the Ministry of National Defense, not his own judgment.”

However, he said, “Since the judgment of the contents of the wiretapping is a matter of interpretation, even if the specific contents are disclosed, it will not be easy to find out the truth.”

The Ministry of National Defense is also cautious about disclosing interception information.

[문홍식/국방부 부대변인]

“I will also say something like, ‘There are some people who are cautious about the reckless disclosure of information assets by the Information Headquarters’.”

In particular, interception information is often collected through US reconnaissance aircraft, etc., so separate consultation with the US may be required.

This is Dong-Hoon Jeong from MBC News.

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