What Does an Audio Singer Like in Hip-Hop?

What does Sound Soundness mean in Hip-Hop

We want to believe that rap artists when we will push a play. But what makes an incredible rapper sound on the mic? Their ability to express sincerity without screening. The raps that hit and the last are the most faithful ones.

In that breath, we asked the Managing Editor Donna-Claire Chesman and the Yoh SEO Writer to define sincerity in hip-hop and break down the sincerity like wax.

The conversation, which is arranged lightly for content and clarity, follows.

yoh [10:15 AM]

Happy Thursday, my first dear woman. We are starting early today. What's on mind before noon?

difficulties [10:17 AM]

Good morning Yohsipher, is early for you, but Donna is waiting back from six.

Today I want to discuss sincerity in music. We often talk about what rap does truth, and we always note it to be authentic, but then we make the sensitive conversation on which more value is by truths. I don't think there is one more positive life experience, per se, in hip-hop. It is the sincerity of delivery that makes it "true."

So what does sincerity in hip-hop sound with you?

yoh [10:25 AM]

Wonderful question. It seems like sincerity in rap Tupac on his third studio album, Me Against the World. This is a project that is full of rapping from its stomach. He loves the love, the grain and the passion in his body. That sincerity of delivery is made by Tupac as an excellent artist. He made every word he put into sound as true as he made in his spirit.

What about you? What does sincerity in hip-hop sound?

difficulties [10:29 AM]

I love sincerity, and sorry for being repetitive they're just on my mind, Nip and Mac. There's nothing like 'Nip's Day'; by Mac Miller Lap Victory, but both have a lot of sincerity. Neither artist does anything like they are not.

Luath-Mac Miller did not try to get into hip-hop, he gave us the day of his life doing breakfast and going on a storm, and that was fine and he was getting worse. Nipsey gave us every opportunity to Crenshaw and Slauson, and the words hit many cords because Nip is a file that could raise his life experiences from the page. In that way, it reminds your Frank O 'Hara, three days takes as simple as it, but the end result is more than the sum of the events.


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