What does it mean that the icon is transparent on the lock screen!? Mysterious “skeleton wallpaper” is instantly completed with the function of the iPhone only – isuta – Don’t lie to my “likes”. –

“Shinka Wallpaper” and “Shinki Wallpaper”, which create a slightly unique lock screen, have become a hot topic.

This time, I will introduce how to make a secret lock screen that makes the home screen look a little transparent.

It’s a must see because you can create a playful lock screen with just iPhone functions without having to download new wallpaper materials.

You can see the icons on the home screen a little through!?Mysterious lock screen

iPhone lock screen with

Here is the finished installation. It’s supposed to be the lock screen, but it features a skeleton design wallpaper that allows you to see through the home screen.

You will want to repeat the method of moving to the home screen like opening the frosted glass lid many times!

With just the iPhone function, a skeleton wallpaper is completed in no time

Screen for operating the iPhone's home screen

From here, let’s take a closer look at how to make wallpaper.

First, open the home screen you want to set on the lock screen, and slowly drag it down while pressing the screen.

Now the home screen starts to dim a bit.

iPhone home screen screen

The more you move your finger to the bottom, the stronger the bokeh will be, so take a photo of your favorite spot.

It is recommended to blur the icon design a bit.

Photo editing screen on iPhone

Use the image editing function to cut out the time and the battery icon at the top for a cleaner look.

iPhone lock screen location screen

Finally, set the screenshot image as wallpaper on the lock screen.

iPhone lock screen with

It will be completed in no time, so if you want to change the familiar wallpaper image, try it now.

You can also use a customized home screen

iPhone lock screen with

Even if you have customized your home screen with original icons, you can create a wallpaper in a similar way.

Why not incorporate a surprise lock screen that your friends will want to look at again?


Every time you change the wallpaper on the lock screen, the home screen will also change quickly! Best installation method using iPhone function

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