What does Lamar Jackson mean?

What does Lamar Jackson mean?

Three Ravens Make 25 Class 25 Under 25 ESPN

Speaking of your age, three Ravens were named to / E / E / 28096531 / ranking-nfl-top-25-players-age-25-2019>> ESPN's / id / 28096531 / ranking-nfl-top -25-him-age-25 -2019>> The rankings of the 25 best players of the NFL under 25. The New Orleans Saints were the only other team with so many players on the list.

Jackson was classified as No. 2 (behind quarterback Chiefs Kansas City and MVP Patrick Mahomes last season), and the student Marlon Humphrey (No. 11), made 23 and a firm end, the list also.

Here are some of ESPN's Mike Clay's extracts about each of them:

Jackson: “He is a difference maker on every snap. … Certainly, Jackson is not as polished as some other top quarters, but his combination of rite and rubbish contributions adds that he is one of the most dangerous players in the series. The Heisman Trophy 2016 winner and the first round of 2018 in conversations in the MVP discussion this season. ”

Humphrey: “Humphrey deserves extra credit for his flexibility and ability to shadow opposition shadow receivers. Unlike some top corners, he plays both sides of the field and the slot. It has been shading people like T.Y. Hilton and Antonio Brown during his first two seasons, and he traveled with Sammy Watkins, Odell Beckham Jr., JuJu Smith-Schuster and Tyler Lockett already this season. Humphrey does not have the awards or he does not recognize many more on this list, but this will not be so, as it is based on one of the best corners in the game. ”

Andrews: “It has an average of 7.4 goals per game – a huge 27 per cent share of the team – and it was targeted at least seven times in each of the nine Baltimore games this season. Force down, Andrew 9.8 that the average target depth is second among intense ends. With Lamar Jackson locked in the fourth round – and his relationship is tightly worn – Andrews is well established for many years of high-level production. ”

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