What does the renunciation of meat, travel and shopping bring?

Good morning, dear reader,

Finally early summer, you can put a nice steak on the grill this afternoon. Or rather not? Can, may, should we still eat meat when it is bad for the climate? And driving, flying, shopping – is all of this still acceptable in view of the rapid global warming that is driving our planet into its greatest crisis to date? Shouldn’t each and every one practice renunciation? Even more: Should the state force us to give up?

You can already see: My colleagues Lisa Fritsch, Sven Böll and I have chosen an explosive topic for today’s podcast. But we try to provide differentiated answers. Please listen, it’s worth it.

If you have not yet subscribed to the discussion material podcast, please do so in order not to miss a new episode: For example Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube. Whatever you’re up to today, with or without meat, I wish you a happy weekend. Our reporter Johannes Bebermeier will write the daybreak on Monday, you will read about me again on Tuesday.