What foods should I avoid refrigerating?

Some foods lose their freshness and taste the longer they are stored in the fridge. [사진= 게티이미지뱅크]

Food bought from the supermarket and leftovers are all kept in the fridge. This is due to the idea that food can be kept fresher in the low temperature environment of the refrigerator. Anyway What if there are foods that lose their freshness and flavor the longer they are stored in the fridge? Find out which foods to avoid in the fridge.

Potatoes that change flavor and color in the fridge

the low temperature of the refrigerator Potato flavor and colourTo change Specifically, when potatoes are refrigerated, the starch in the potato turns to sugar more quickly, and the flavor is lost. Potatoes should be stored at room temperature. a dark box without sunlightIt’s best kept in. An apple or two can make it last longer.

inBananas turn black and shrink

Bananas are not good if stored in the fridge. Put bananas in the fridge The skin turns black and peels off easily.. Not only does the skin turn black, but the sweet taste of bananas is also easily altered, so it is best kept at room temperature.

Bread that loses moisture and dries out easily

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Bread is one of the foods that should not be stored in the fridge. Bread from the moment you put it in the fridge loss of moisture because it dries easily Loss of taste and quality. It is also recommended to store bread at room temperature, but if it is difficult to eat quickly, prepare it. keep in the freezergood to do

Ginger that dries easily in the fridge

Ginger is often stored in the fridge. Ginger dries easily it gets messy Ginger can also be stored out of direct sunlight in the kitchen. However, peeled ginger should not be left at room temperature. Peeled ginger in a plastic bag put in and refrigerate.

inold pumpkins that fade quicklyin

Old pumpkins are old and do not need to be stored in the fridge. instead of a fridge kept in the darkand leave a gap between the pumpkin and the pumpkin. If it comes into contact with other vegetables, it will spoil and become brittle more quickly.

Onions mold easily when refrigerated

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Onions are also foods that need to be stored at room temperature. the onion If cooled, molds easily It is said to bloom Trimmed onions should be stored in the fridge, but unpeeled onions should be stored at room temperature.

olive oil and mayonnaise

Olive oil should not be stored in the refrigerator. It has the property of hardening when stored at low temperatures. Olive oil in a dark and cool placeIt is good to keep this. If mayonnaise is stored for a long time in a low temperature refrigerator, it can separate into water and oil. It is best stored in a dark place at room temperature.

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