What happened, “Ball invites smile”, announced that they would not accept the duet event with “Chok Tai Raphae”, or did the band break up?

By the latest, fresh and hot today (July 28, 65) Great comedy, good vocalist “Ball Chernyim” has posted a message Do not apply to work with “Luck, Luck, Mongkol” to personal facebook that wrote a message saying “Attention to inform the host, organizer, owner of Pub Bar, restaurant, everyone. I would like to ask for permission not to take any more queue for the event with Chok Chok Mongkol. I’m definitely not going to be able to perform with all my performances in every queue.”

which after “Ball, please smile” shared a post, not asking for a job with “Luck, Luck, Mongkol” or “Chok Taithara” As mentioned, there were fans including netizens flocking to like. ready to come in and ask “What happened” , “Is it missing the news” , “Or will the band break up”, etc.

Less than an hour later, the Facebook page of “Pacharagkorn Nilgaew” CEO of 2Brothers Music record label in charge of the event “Pu Jan Long Mike” , “Ken Noi Roi Leela” , “Ball invites you to smile” and “Jack my boyfriend” Has come out to post a message to clarify immediately that….

“Please ask for permission. I would like to inform the host, the organizer, the owner of the Pub Bar and the restaurant. I would like to not accept the queue for hiring a couple between P’Ball, please smile and Chok Chokmongkol again.

Because me and P’ Ball invites smile, we have encountered various problems. various stories While working with Chok, I would like to not talk about any problems, but as the manager and the camp that manages the event, P’ Ball invites you to smile.

Therefore, we have to stop accepting job queues with luck. in addition to the existing queue As for the job queue with luck that the customer has already reserved I confirm that P’Ball invites smiles with a large team. I will definitely go and do a full show at every event.”

Thanks to Facebook Pacharagkorn Nilgaew

previously “Ball, please smile” and “Chok Taithara” have worked together “funny.” Until more than 38 million views have been viewed on YouTube, the MV still has “Ingfa Waraha” to participate in the music video as well, and for “Chok Taithara” Used to compete in the Golden Mike season 4, 5 and 8 finalists, 24 people before deciding to hire a general singer. Until I met Sia Arm who was interested in making a parade and started covering songs on YouTube until it was well known.


Thank you Facebook Ball. Smile.

Thank you Facebook Ball invites smile / Thank you Facebook Pacharagkorn Nilgaew

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