what happened? ‘Kub-Jfin-Six’ falls sharply, opening an abnormality in the Thai crypto market

Today marks the day that the crypto market began to change dramatically after SCB announced the purchase. BITKUB As of Nov. 2, the daily trading volume increased from about $200 million a month ago to $600-800 million a day.

But when we look at the trading volume of each trading pair, we will find that the top 4 coins, KUB, SIX, SAND, JFIN, account for almost 70% of the total trading volume. Surpasses the popular coin like BTC without dust.

This is because the four coins violent movement causing a large number of people interested in trading which if asked Why are these coins moving so much? There are interesting points that may be for several reasons, for example:

  • KUB, JFIN, SIX coins a coin of Thai people which are mainly traded in Thai people Some coins are even listed in a single market (KUB – BITKUB, JFIN – BITKUB, Satang Pro, SIX – BITKUB, Bittrex, CoinOne, Liquid, Zipmex), so there is a chance that there will be some market arbitrage. otherwise it is difficult
  • These Thai coins Foreigners did not play or did not pay attention. There is also a small supply of ready coins. Therefore, if there is a strong purchasing power The price will change quickly.
  • Some coins have ongoing news of cooperation or change. Make investors, especially new investors, come to buy these coins.
  • The SAND coin is a coin that is dominant in the Metaverse trend that is hot right now. Therefore, there is a high trading volume. But the price hasn’t risen in the last 24-48 hours like the other three coins.

If you look pessimistic may be interpreted as for the above reasons These coins can be easily manipulated. don’t spend a lot of money It can make the price change a lot. Therefore, the price may be manipulated up in order to make a profit, which this event seems quite unusual. Please use caution when investing.

what happened?  'Kub-Jfin-Six' falls sharply, opening an abnormality in the Thai crypto market



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