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2023.02.13 NEW PR

What has changed in the new masterpiece completely wireless headphones?

Your choice of wireless headphones can completely change the quality of your music, movies and gaming experiences. this is a true story. Don’t think, “Just wireless headphones?” Unlike the old days, the latest things have evolved quite a bit. Especially for the high-end type, the overwhelming sound quality and ease of use stand out. Under such circumstances, the hot topic at the moment is completely wireless noise canceling in-ear headphones “Pi5 S2” and “Pi7 S2”. This is the latest model that has improved the “PI5” and “PI7” masterpieces that have made high-end users groan.

Needless to say that has always been an audio lover’s dream. Since its establishment in the UK in 1966, it has continued to lead the industry at the forefront of high performance audio technology, designing and manufacturing home speakers, headphones, bespoke installation products and car audio products that set new standards for innovation and sound quality. . , has won countless awards. At the same time, he has won praise from some of the world’s leading recording studios and musicians. On the other hand, this brand has established a luxury image, not just good sound quality. For example, in the field of car audio, famous luxury cars such as BMW, McLaren, Volvo, and Maserati use Bowers & Wilkins as a standard or fine option.

01: After all excellent acoustic performance is different!

Well, the appeal of the new “Pi5 S2” and “Pi7 S2” is their overwhelming sound quality. “Pi5 S2” has a 9.2mm large diameter normal dynamic driver with a compact body size. As a result, it achieves deep bass, a high-resolution mid-high range, and a highly transparent stereo image.

In addition, the flagship model “Pi7 S2” adds a balanced armature tweeter dedicated to high frequency reproduction to the same 9.2mm dynamic driver as the “Pi5 S2” for higher resolution and true-life sound2 Configuration adopted road driver. By combining high-performance DSP with 24-bit processing and a dual-amp drive that drives the four drivers individually, all the details of the music are revealed, providing “true sound” that goes beyond the common sense of earphones completely wireless. give me

Both use large diameter dynamic drivers, so it goes without saying that you can enjoy thick and powerful sound in rock and EDM. Furthermore, looking at the specifications that include good high resolution in the mid to high range, we can expect fine and brilliant sound reproduction from the pianos and wind instruments.

<img src="" alt=" What has changed in the new masterpiece completely wireless headphones?”/>Pictured is a Pi5 S2 Cloud Grey

02: Peace of mind with a more stable connection and longer drive time!

A stable connection and long-lasting battery performance are essential for enjoying a comfortable listening environment. For example, the street walking scene. It is common for the sound to cut off suddenly and make you feel uncomfortable, but even in such cases, the “Pi5 S2” and “Pi7 S2” give a different sense of safety for you. In addition, the stability of the connection has been improved by significantly revising the design of the antenna. I’m especially grateful that the sound breaks are stopped even in crowded places like train station ticket gates. In addition, in environments with little radio interference, the communication distance has been improved to a maximum of 25m. Because you can enjoy a high-quality listening experience with a more stable communication condition, you can expand your range of activities even when enjoying music away from your smartphone or computer, such as for work or leisure.

Even more enjoyable is that both models have improved the battery capacity of the earphone itself, allowing up to 5 hours of listening on a single charge. In addition, by using the included charging case, it is possible to extend the playing time of “Pi7 S2” for 16 hours and “Pi5 S2” for 19 hours. Since the wireless charging function and the quick charging function that allows continuous play for 2 hours with 15 minutes of charging are still installed, it can be said that the worry of running out of charge has decreased significantly.

<img src="" alt=" What has changed in the new masterpiece completely wireless headphones?”/>Pictured is the Pi7 S2 Canvas White with the smart charging case included.

03: Achieve a more sophisticated user experience!

One of the attractions is that the “Pi5 S2” and the “Pi7 S2” are the latest headphones that are fully integrated with the “Bowers & Wilkins Music” app. Set up, manage connections, toggle noise cancellation modes, configure wearable sensors, and more with this app. It will provide a seamless user experience. By the way, the app also supports high-quality music streaming directly from your mobile device to your earphones via subscription services such as Deezer *. That means you can stream music the way you want with the apps you use every day. It will be a great advantage for users to be able to experience music easily without the hassle of launching another music distribution application.
*Registration/contract and separate fees may be required to use the streaming service.

In addition, the “Pi7 S2” continues to have a Bluetooth transmitter function with the included smart charging case, just like the first model. This is very convenient, for example, by connecting to a computer or entertainment system on a plane with a USB-C or 3.5mm stereo mini plug, the sound is wirelessly re-transmitted to the earphones” Pi7 S2″ via the smart charging case. . You can also enjoy the excellent sound quality, which is completely different from headphones for use in flight.

“Pi5 S2” and “Pi7 S2” are high-end models that allow you to enjoy high-quality sound at any time, and also provide a sophisticated user experience. Since they are used every day, why not get your hands on some carefully selected wireless headphones?

Colors: Cloud Grey, Storm Grey, Spring Lilac Market price 48,400 yen * Based on editorial department research
Pi5 S2Delivers class leading sound quality!

True Wireless Stereo technology ensures high-quality, stable sync between headphones. A custom 9.2mm drive unit in each earbud provides excellent sound performance. The Pi5 S2 can play CD-quality music by receiving music from aptX-compatible mobile devices with high-quality aptX. Enjoy seamless user-adjustable noise cancellation and surround pass-through mode, plus four built-in left and right microphones and advanced DSP processing for high-quality calls. It is planned to be released in early February 2023.

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Colors: Black Satin, White Canvas, Midnight Blue Market price 63,800 yen * Based on editorial department research
Pi7 S2

Equipped with adaptive noise cancellation that automatically analyzes the surrounding noise and optimizes noise cancellation according to the environment for the best listening experience that allows you to immerse yourself in music. The optimal noise cancellation level is automatically applied with minimal impact on the playback sound, without the need for the user to switch modes. It also has an ambient pass-through function that can be switched on/off independently of the noise cancellation function. A total of six built-in microphones on the left and right provide adaptive noise cancellation, surround pass-through, and noise-free calls. It is planned to be released in early February 2023.

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