What is an abnormal “yawn”? Yawning often without sleep is a warning sign of serious illness or not?

“yawn” The reaction where the body opens its mouth and takes a deep breath. which can be triggered by fatigue lethargy or fatigue increased demand for oxygen in the body “yawn” It can be caused by talking about or seeing others yawning. There is a concept that human beings are at each other’s throats. (contagious yawn) It can be a form of human social communication for yawn The most unusual is that there “yawn” More than once in a minute which can be caused by lethargy or it can be triggered by diseases or various conditions That can be dangerous, it is, this time it has been collected.

yawn often What is the cause? “yawn” very unusual

lethargy tired of sleep Not enough

– action sleep A sleep period that is too short can cause insufficiency. Or it can be caused by poor quality sleep such as stress, anxiety, or sleep apnea This causes the body to not get enough oxygen while sleeping. It can cause other serious illnesses in the future, and insufficient sleep can have other effects. to the body such as lack of concentration, slow response to things, feeling restless, lethargic, not wanting to do anything or tired body aches If you suspect you have this condition, consult a healthcare professional to get a sleep test.

side effects of drugs such as sleeping pills Anti-anxiety pills some painkillers

“yawn” Other physical illnesses can also cause abnormally large

bleeding in or around the heart; or heart disease This causes the heart muscle to receive insufficient oxygen. often have chest pain Pain radiating to the arm or neck, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness.

cancer or a lump in the brain compression causes the brain tissue to receive insufficient oxygen, so it is necessary “yawn” to add oxygen to the body Patients may also have other accompanying symptoms, such as headaches, behavioral changes. numbness or weakness on one side of the body vision problems memory problems etc.

cerebrovascular disease This causes the brain tissue to receive insufficient oxygen as well. There will be symptoms of numbness, weakness, distorted face, slurred speech, erratic gait, abnormal vision. or dizzy with

epilepsy Abnormalities of nerve conduction in several or all parts brain unable to control oneself Sometimes this abnormal stimulation occurs in the part of the brain that controls yawning. causing abnormal yawning together

multiple sclerosis (multiple sclerosis) the nerves in different parts of the body are damaged inability to control some parts of the body Or it can be caused by fatigue and inability to control body temperature. found in patients with multiple sclerosis The patients often have unusually tired symptoms. numbness or a needle-like sensation in the body, face, arms, legs, visual disturbance, dizziness, difficulty walking or balancing, etc.

liver failure It is often found in severe cases due to fatigue. have trouble sleeping Patients may also have other accompanying symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, confusion, feeling very sleepy during the day. swelling in the body or arms, legs

The body is unable to regulate temperature. Scientists have discovered that yawning is one method the body uses to regulate its temperature. If the body is unable to regulate body temperature, such as having some congenital diseases, the use of certain drugs in the elderly can cause abnormal yawning to help regulate body temperature as another way.

Self-observation and consultation with a specialist can help diagnose and treat many of these physical conditions.


answer yawn often preliminaries abnormal in itself

if there is yawn If something goes wrong, you can try to fix it yourself as follows:

take a deep breath increases the oxygen in the body It can reduce yawning in people whose body’s need for oxygen causes their yawning. or in the case of yawning in contact with others (yawning)

move the body Physical activity can stimulate the nervous system and the brain. can reduce yawning in people whose yawning is caused by fatigue, boredom, or stress can

increase the coldness of the body For example, walking to a cool and ventilated area, drinking cold water, or eating a cold snack such as cold fruit.

When to see a doctor

He should see and consult a doctor when “yawn” More often than usual and with other symptoms that interfere with daily life or other abnormal physical symptoms

treatment yawn often

because “yawn” Abnormalities can be caused by a number of reasons. Treatment therefore focuses on treating the root cause such as

“yawn” caused by lack of rest or insufficient fatigue Vitamin supplements can be used to reduce fatigue. in those who are vitamin deficient

“yawn” Disorders caused by sleep problems A sleep specialist can recommend guidance to: sleep better, like going to bed at the same time every night, using an inhaler while sleep exercise to reduce stress or use drugs in cases where necessary, etc.

“yawn” disorders caused by drugs The doctor will consider reducing the dose or stopping the medication that is not needed, but the patient should not adjust or stop the medication on their own.

“yawn” caused by other physical diseases After diagnosis The doctor will recommend treatment for the disease, which will yawn abnormal can heal


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