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What is an “oxygen station” instead of a “field hospital”? Experts angry, “Prime Minister Suga, experience how painful it is” (2): J-CAST Company Watch[Full text display]

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As the new coronavirus exploded, a pregnant woman who was finally infected had a baby at home without finding a place to be hospitalized, and a tragic accident occurred in which her newborn baby died.

How long will the tragedy that cannot be achieved in a medically advanced country continue? Why is it impossible for Japan to have a “field hospital” emergency medical system like the ones used by Western countries and Asian countries?

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced measures like gas stations when he built “oxygen stations” here and there, but medical experts were amazed at “how painful it is, if you try.”

  • Healthcare workers fighting Corona

  • Healthcare workers fighting Corona

Oxygen station where people who “die in an hour” gather

While Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are focusing on setting up an “oxygen station” rather than creating a “field hospital,” medical experts said, “At the oxygen station, patients in an emergency. I can’t save you. “

Is it possible to turn the Olympic Village of the Tokyo Olympics into a “field hospital”? (From the official website of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee)

Fuji TV (August 17th) “The inventor has questioned the government’s statement that the prime minister can’t see anything about the installation of an oxygen station,” he said.

“One of the measures taken by Prime Minister Kanagawa to take measures against corona. He announced that he would establish a place to administer oxygen to home caregivers who had respiratory problems, that is, an” oxygen station. ” I am the Chief of Medical Crisis Countermeasures in Kanagawa Prefecture, who devised the oxygen station.
Mr. Hideaki Anan, Director of Medical Crisis Countermeasures, Kanagawa Prefecture: “I dare to criticize it, but it is ridiculous to create an oxygen station.” A camera has been installed inside the “Oxygen Station”, which Kanagawa Prefecture started its own operation on August 7. This is how it looks. “

Fuji TV reports miserable footage.

“Wireless: I would like to bring in the patient.
Nagaoka Nursing Supervisor: I understand. Please tell me your name and time. Staff: What’s the pain? Patient: No.
In the space partitioned by the partition, a cot, a desk and chair set, and an oxygen administration device are placed. Therefore, the staff in protective clothing will respond. At this oxygen station, patients who have been diagnosed as needing hospitalization and oxygen inhalation but cannot find a place to be hospitalized are temporarily accepted and oxygen is administered 24 hours a day.
The number “95” is displayed on the pulse oximeter, which measures the oxygen saturation in the patient’s blood. Oxygen saturation in the blood is a measure of the severity of the disease. Nagaoka Nursing Supervisor: Some patients thought it would be better to connect to a ventilator immediately, and some patients needed immediate treatment. I was surprised that people who needed so much oxygen couldn’t be hospitalized and were here. Over the past week, 28 people have been given oxygen here. However, his condition did not improve and everyone was taken to the hospital and hospitalized.
Will these “oxygen stations” be a major way to “protect the lives of the people”? “

Here, Hideaki Anan said:

“It’s the idea of ​​disaster medicine. At the very least, there is medical treatment at a first aid station like this, where you infuse or breathe oxygen. If you don’t do it, people who die in an hour will be given oxygen once a day for half a day. Every day, life is connected and it is connected to the hospital. I just want to be hospitalized. I think that I should be hospitalized and treated. Oxygen station is not a solution. It is a connection. If you do not have this perspective No. I can’t see it. I can’t see anything in that (Prime Minister Kan’s) remark. “

On August 18, Director Hitoshi Kuramochi of the “Interpark Kuramochi Respiratory Medicine” in Utsunomiya City posted an angry post on Twitter for this attitude of Prime Minister Suga.


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