What is Boston sports radio saying about the Celtics

After losing the Celtics hit for Los Angeles people on Saturday, Marcus Morris told reporters to see the "Celtics" as a "number of people" despite the fifth place in the Eastern Conference.

This is how Boston hosted a Boston sports host with Morris's comments:

Toucher and Rich, 98.5 Sports Hub: Fred Toettcher and Rich Shertenlieb said he was worried that he was unhappy in the Celtics conclusion room despite the full success of this season's team.

"Normally when you are unhappy in the club house and in the wardrobe and at the court, it has to be done enough to lose the team," said Toettcher. "I do not think there is any argument that this team is very talented. They have a lot of talented players and you look at it on paper, this should be one of the best two teams, the through at least the best teams in the Eastern Conference. "

Create frustration signs earlier this season. Morris pushed Jaylen Brown over a period of time on January 10 in Miami, and just a few days later, Kyrie Irving asked LeBron James to advise on how to direct rolls for young players. But the Celtics won 10 out of 11 before heading and losing the Los Angeles team in both towns. Reporters between comments and subsequent comments by researchers appear to have not been chemically inspired by those weeks.

Toucher and Rich referred to GlobeAdam Himmelsbach's analysis of Celtics defense groups, emphasizing each other that Al Horford, Gordon Hayward, and Morris themselves go with poor protection ratings. Horford has injured this season and Hayward is still processing the athletics he lost in the last year's performance, but Shertenlieb made a Morris defense criticism especially against the Spreaders. He noticed a fun that Morris went too long after he dropped a three-point ball that let loose, allowing the person to resign the court, collect passport and make it easy.

"Marcus Morris is very difficult to go back to the defense, so that the fingers can point to many people, but defensively, it's part of the problem," said Shertenlieb.

Brian Robb from Boston Sports Journal, Toucher and Rich went to discuss Morris's comments, and noted that Morris refused to nominate anybody, he was probably particularly dependent on the young Celtics players.

"I could easily see how the young people might be like, & # 39; You have the same problems, why are you calling us? & # 39;" Robb said.

Mut and Callahan, WEEI: Jermaine Wiggins and Mike Mutnansky refused to blam the difficulties of Celtics.

Wiggins said that the Celtics should be thinking of cleaning the Brad Stevens coach if the team's problems go through the regular season and they succeed in running deep sleep.

"This team can not do, and they have a talent. That clearly comes to the training," said Wiggins. "We saw this with one committee with the Patriots [team that] He could not have so much talent, but he was able to win Super Bowl. When talking about the Boston Celtics, they were so talented and you can not get these people to go on the same page, that is the coach. It's time to go on from Brad, especially when you're talking about next year. If you're trying to get Anthony Davis, if you're trying to keep Kyrie, I do not know if this is the coach for this team. "

Mutnastky praised Danny Ainge's cycling and dealing with some of the Celtics stories, which mentions some of the younger players on the team, including Jayson Tatum, and the core centers of Dealing with Davis to Boston this summer.

"Danny Ainge has taken a team on two different pages here. The players did not get into their roles this year," said Mutnastky. "When you take a team that goes towards different directions, men who want to win now and teenagers think they're going to trade with Anthony Davis, then that's partly the man who took the team."

Mutnansky said that when the Celtics won a championship in 2008, there was no question about what could be traded at the deadline or which could be traded after that season. This year, Mutnansky said it is clear from Morris's comments that the young players of the team, who were also in the run of 2018, have been released with a reduced moment due to the Hayward return.

"Jaylen Brown does not believe that he should be in this reserve role. Jaylen Brown showed last year with Jayson Tatum and he thinks he would have a similar role in this year," said Mutnansky. "That's not the case without taking it. That's Jaylen Brown, not the coach. So what can the coach say to accept the role he does not want to accept?"

Brad Stevens
Celtics & Brad Stevens & # 39; to the past season of the Eastern Conference. On this one, they would not even host a first-round series. -Jim Davis / World Team

Zolak and Bertrand, 98.5 Sports Hub: Scott Zolak and Marc Bertrand looked for the Celtics, who had the same roster as the last season's team made, could be out of sink. Zolak said it seemed to have restored Hayward to the rotation of this season.

"How are they in February and these are their questions? They do not like each other, they do not have fun together", said Bertrand. "What's that? What is the issue with this group? This goes back to the beginning of the year. We said directly from the gate that something is wrong with this group. Something is wrong."

Bertrand queried that the team's questions have no leading leader in the typing room, despite the best efforts of becoming one of Kyrie Irving. For Bertrand, it was clear that the enclosed room is as unfavorable as it seems, the Celtics will have difficulties over this season.

"Do not forget this season in it and myself. That's a little potato now. That's not the big thing here," said Bertrand. "It's a great thing that if this is true and all they feel, then that Kyrie will be walking out the door coming July 1."

Dale and Keefe, WEEI: Dale Arnold and Rich Keefe told their fingers towards Stevens on a WEEI evening show.

"Danny's granite roster gave him [Ainge] to give him, and he is turning up a fur with him, "Arnold said.

Keefe said it was hoped that this season was higher than the 42-year-old coach ever had in his career.

"It makes a great job with a little talent," Keefe said. "You give him a talent talent – they had 56 games, this is a good example – it's not getting the most of this talent. It's clear that there is a split with Kyrie Irving [and] Marcus Morris, and Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, and Jayson Tatum. "

Sports Illustrated by Arnold and Keefe Chris Mannix, who made a replica of some of Keefe's issues. Mannix said it is often the case that the Celtics' struggles feel a battle between veterans and the young players of the team.

"They had a better chemistry last year," Mannix said. "Everyone knew their role and took up their role. I think that they have had lower expectations than they were working in the post, even as a high seed. They still have this kind of way This upstart team led young players with their two superstars on the sideline. They were together. "

Felger and Mazz, 98.5 Sports Hub: "There is not one solution in this regard: Take time away from unwanted people," said Tony Massarotti on an 98.5 evening program. "It's the only way it works. This team has a leadership problem. They have received a leadership problem throughout the year. There is a young problem because of the worst thing that happened to this team, our A revision, these young people were coming to the finals last year and they were thinking about it. "

Massarotti argued that he does not think that the Celtics season is bigger, but the team has deep-rooted problems that he may need during the summer. The show fans suggested that Brown was a potential root on group room room issues. Mike Felger, Massarotti, and Jim Murray, in similar cases on other sports, presented that the team who did not resign from the force attended the competing competence of the main coach at present.

"Ultimately, I feel it goes deeper than that, but I would like to say that is the simple, easy to set now," said Massarotti. "If you were saying, & # 39; Is it right now, what do you do? & # 39; You pull the coach. But they're not doing that."

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