What is included in EA Access for Playstation 4?

Best answer: EA Access includes access to over 50 games from the company's dome, it offers the Xbox exclusion that will not match the PlayStation 4. In addition, with EA Access subscription, you will be able to test EA games days before they release.

Everything comes with EA Access for the Playstation 4

Think about every EA game you have ever played. This includes titles such as Titanfall, Mass Effect, FIFA, Need for Speed, Battlefield, and so on. Yes strength huge titles and that is a lot money to play them all. But, if you didn't have to buy each game separately? What would happen if you could choose the games you want and play them when you want?

Well, that's EA Access. Each month, the EA has more than 50 of its own games (an average of 73 in total) that you can choose and choose to play as you wish. What is even colder is that you also try testing new EA games day before they release. By subscribing to EA Access, you are not only expanding your game library for a single rental fee, but have the chance to have rogue rights in your friend's group.

If any of this information changes when EA Access goes to PlayStation Network, we will make sure you update you here.

How much will EA Access cost?

PlayStation users pay the same amount for EA Access paid by Xbox users. You can spend $ 5 on a monthly subscription or $ 30 for an annual subscription. This means that it just protects half the price to pay for the annual subscription. Sometimes you may get a "free trial per month" offer to buy a new game, but there are no trial offers on the official LA website.

Alternatively, you can purchase your EA Access subscription from Amazon after the service has been live on the PlayStation Network. While the prices are the same as those set on the LA's official website, you may be dealing with Amazon at a cheaper price. Since Access EA is not available on the PlayStation Store as it is yet, we don't have Amazon options for you to check. Instead, you can buy a Playstation Gift card from Amazon to have the money in your account, so you can buy the donation when it is ready.

If you use gift cards on the PlayStation Network, you do not have to share your bank information or PayPal on your PS Network account. A $ 10 gift card is enough to be paid for two months on the monthly fee plan, but you can choose a $ 50 gift card to buy the $ 30 annual subscription and you have $ 20 left for your heart wishes.

We will update this article with links to EA Access subscription cards as soon as they survive!

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