What is “new running” that can be returned to the city? NB TEST RUN SHIBUYA

Many well-known business owners and top leaders in the world have a habit of running. It is said that the running population is increasing with the spread of home work.

However, due to the corona marathon that has continued for the past year and a half, many running competitions such as the Tokyo Marathon and the Aozora Marathon in various places have been forced to be canceled or postponed.

Meanwhile, an event “NB TEST RUN SHIBUYA” was held at Yoyogi Park to think about the relationship between runners and towns and parks in the future.Think about “new running”I will report on this event.

The charm and significance of “town run”

Yoyogi Park is a running spot that Tokyo is proud of in the world, and it is a place that many people visit from afar, and at the same time, it is located right next to a city such as Shibuya and Harajuku where many people gather. It’s a great place to think about the relationship between the city and the runners.

It was fine on the day. The micro race “YOYOGI PARK FKT TEST RUN”, which runs a 1-mile course built in the park, is scheduled to be held, and many people were running at their own speed from 9 am.

At the Panorama Square just after entering Yoyogi Park Harajuku Gate, think about “running the city in the future”RUNNING MEET UPWas held.

Return to the city by runningWith the theme, Mr. Ippei Motani of E Design Insurance and Mr. Yuuki Mihara, a talent who says that running is a part of life such as completing 8 full marathons, will be on stage. How does running contribute to the city? We talked with Masami Yamamoto, the moderator, about whether we could connect.

First of all, Mr. Yamamoto, who participates in a running team called “9track”, recently participated in the “Virtual New York City Marathon” and ran from Setagaya through Shibuya, the Imperial Palace, and Ryogoku to Kiyosumi Shirakawa. Show off.

After saying that he was able to discover an unknown part of the city that he usually just passed by train or car, Mr. Shigetani and Mr. Mihara found shops and places that they had never known before, and the charm of the city. There was talk of being able to rediscover.

“Discovering the charms that you have missed so far will make you more attached to the city and lead to an experience that goes beyond just running,” says Mr. Motani.The charm of town orchids is that you can find things that you can not reach by searching“Mr. Mihara.

What is “Nork” that gives you points for walking, running, and riding a bicycle?

In addition, a new service from Mr. Motani, “Nork“Nork” is an app that earns miles for all means of transportation such as walking, running, and biking. The point is “It’s easier to earn miles with healthier and more ecological meansIs the point.

For example, you can earn 1 mile for every mile traveled by car, 5 miles for a bicycle, and 10 miles for running or walking, even if you travel the same distance.

Mr. Shigetani talked about the planning intention.

“It is said that walking and running leads to health and eco-friendliness, but by using Nork, we promote the use of transportation other than automobiles, that is, public transportation.I want to reduce traffic congestion and improve the traffic environmentI think. “

At this event, we asked the event participants to download the trial version and actually use it.

This time, the miles that all the participants ran are “Give back to the cityWe donated garbage picking goods to Yoyogi Park at the time of launch.The accumulated miles can be exchanged for various services such as meals and shopping.It’s called.

Once you download the app, you can use it anywhere in Japan just by carrying your smartphone with you. If you think that part of your daily life, such as running, commuting to work, school, and shopping, will directly improve the environment of the city, you will be able to spend your days with a fulfilling feeling.

Earn points just by downloading the app and carrying it around

As you drive around the city, the resolution will increase and you will love it more.

continue,”Think about the city you want to runEiichiro Omori, the representative of “Runtrip” that provides various services for runners, Mr. Hayashi, the president of the community “Running and Breakfast” that runs to eat breakfast, and Mr. Hironobu Tokaibayashi of Tokyu Land Corporation. Is on the stage.

Mr. Masami Yamamoto, the moderator, and Mr. Takahiro Maekawa of New Balance Japan also joined and exchanged opinions.

Mr. Omori proposes to approach the city that makes you want to run from the two aspects of “location” and “community”. In terms of “location,” Hayashi said, “I will discover a city that makes me want to run, rather than what I want to run.”

“I started a community because I thought it would be difficult for me to continue alone and I couldn’t continue without the purpose of breakfast. I could continue by running with my friends, and thenThe resolution of the city goes up and you like the city

Regarding the aspect of “community”, Mr. Tokaibayashi introduced a new attempt as a developer.

With the purpose of “future sharing” = creating a new future, with multiple companies in the Shibuya / Sakuragaoka area currently under redevelopment, as “software that supports the community is more important than the hardware of developing a city” It is said that they have created a consortium of the above and are taking the method of bringing their respective fields of expertise together.

Among them, he revealed that there is a plan to create a sauna facility that can accommodate runners who have run through the city.

It’s fun to run alone, but by running with someone, you can discover the good points of the city that you didn’t know by yourself, and gain a new perspective on the city. The running community may be a way to actively enjoy the city and live happily.

If you can contribute to society by running, your life will be enriched.

After the MEET UP, participants went out to the city, jogging, blogging to pick up trash, and actually running for a delicious breakfast. While running while looking at the city, it was an opportunity for me to think about what can be returned to the city and what the city wants to run.

The purpose of running varies from person to person, whether it is to maintain one’s health or to improve oneself. At first glance, it seems that there is no point of contact with social contribution, but with a little bit, running for yourself turns into running that benefits the city and society.

It will increase your motivation to run, and at the same time, it will surely increase your satisfaction after running.


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