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December 3rd is “PlayStation Day”. It was enacted on December 3, 1994, after the home video game console “PlayStation” was released.

We will present some PlayStation trivia that can help you become “the person who understands the difference”, such as which model sold the most.

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Sony: Don’t call me PlayStation!

The original PlayStation was the next generation console, the first home video game console to feature fully textured 3D graphics.

A high-performance computer for business use is called a “workstation,” so the name “PlayStation” was used in the sense of a high-performance computer used for gaming.

Among users, it is popular to call it “PlayStation” for short, but “PS” is constantly used in advertisements and official websites.

This is because the honorary chairman of Sony, Akio Morita, thought that the part of “ste” was related to “throw away” and ordered him to avoid using it.

However, as it is a registered trademark, rival company Sega appears to have obtained Sony’s permission when using the word “PlayStation” in advertising.

What was the best selling PlayStation?

Twenty-eight years have passed since the first PlayStation was released, and the latest model is the 5th generation PlayStation 5. Even now, two years after its release in 2020, it still be rare and be kept and sold by lottery.

Do you know which PlayStation has sold the most over the years?

The correct answer is the second generation “PlayStation 2” released on March 4, 2000. The cumulative global sales volume is 155 million units, which among all game machines including other companies is No. 1. The record this is still uninterrupted.

Second place is “Nintendo DS” with 154.02 million units, and third place is “Game Boy” with 118.69 million units. Fourth place is “PlayStation 4” with 117 million units, and 5th place is “Nintendo Switch” with 114,330 units.

The reason why PlayStation 5 became “decide with the x button”

What shocked me when the first PlayStation was released was not only the beautiful graphics, but the buttons on the controller were “△○×□”.

It is also registered as a trademark of PlayStation, which is not found in other game consoles.

According to Mr. Teisuke Goto, who worked on the design, “ ○ and × are YES and NO, and the colors are red and blue, △ is the head and viewpoint, and the color is green, in follow the traffic light, and □ is a paper that identifies menus and documents. , the color was pink from the overall balance.”

The operation in the game is also intuitive and easy to understand, with “○ to confirm / × to cancel”.

However, the latest model, PlayStation 5, is the opposite of the conventional one, “X to confirm / ○ to cancel”.

In fact, in Europe and the US, there is no recognition that “○ is YES”, but rather “Check (✓) is a decision”, so it is more intuitive to say “X to confirm / ○ to cancel ” in order from the left. This is how it has always been in the European version.

What was a double standard between the Japanese version and the Western version has become a unified form of the latest PlayStation 5 to the Western version.

You can change it back in the settings, but since it only replaces the signals, the game screen will display “Confirm with x” as it is.

It might be better to remember the situation “left is YES, right is NO” and get used to it.

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