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During the rainy season, it rains continuously in many areas. It makes children and adults easily sick with flu symptoms. For caring for patients with fever Initially, you should dry yourself to lower the body temperature. But there is a debate about whether warm water should be used Room temperature water or cold water in this case Dr. Poj Inthalaphaporn, Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases, Rajavithi Hospital Internal Medicine Group Tell Hfocus that drying is a good way to reduce fever. To dry yourself using normal temperature tap water. Do not use warm water or cold water to dry high temperature areas such as the head, neck, armpits, groin Applying compresses for a period will help reduce fever, however, if you use normal temperature water and still have a high fever. The gel can be cooled to reduce fever. Wrap the gel with a thin towel and apply it to the area. armpit or groin But ice is not recommended.

Regarding the belief that a thick blanket and sweating will help reduce fever. Poj Dr Explain if there is no cold A towel is enough. increase in body temperature Natural mechanisms also have a way of expelling heat from the body through the skin, and covering it with a heavy blanket makes it harder for the skin to cool down. The body temperature is even higher compared to that even though you don’t have a fever. When you wear thick clothes, you can still feel hot. Sweating because it feels hot

“The mechanism behind sweating is that the body tries to lower the temperature. By sweating out so that heat is released through the sweat. evaporation on the skin Sweating is one of the mechanisms for reducing the body’s fever. But there’s no need to cover with a heavy blanket to sweat. The thicker the blanket, the hotter it gets. The body must sweat. It increases body fever. Normal clothing is recommended and a light blanket is sufficient. let the body cool down Unless it’s very chilly.” Dr. Poj said

As for drinking water for those with a fever. Should I drink warm water? Poj Dr He added that drinking normal room temperature water is sufficient. when the body has a fever The higher the temperature, the more sweat will cause the body to sweat to cool down. water evaporated The body is already losing water. Drinking water is to lower body temperature. Replace the water in the body that evaporates into sweat. Compared to car radiators Not enough water, water must be added to the car radiator. The body is like a machine. If dehydration increases body temperature. Drinking plain water will help your body temperature return to normal more quickly. There is no need to drink hot or cold water.

About the reasons that cause the body to have a fever. Poj Dr He added that being in the rain does not mean that the body must have a fever. But when there is a change in the weather or a rainy season, some people with allergy problems may have a moist nose, runny nose, breathing fog that contains germs in the environment, it will stick to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. It is easy to get a cold from a virus. When the body is infected with germs the immune system will work to protect the body. The work of the immune system which is white blood cells or antibodies from vaccination or when you have been ill with an infection before This immunity works by increasing the number. It produces a wide variety of chemicals to deal with incoming foreign objects. These substances will stimulate the immune system to work more. It is a substance that communicates between the immune system. It can stimulate the pituitary gland in the hypothalamus which has a center that controls body temperature When I realized that the chemicals were more than usual. It will set a new body temperature higher than the original 37 degrees Celsius to prevent bacteria or viruses from multiplying. which is the body’s natural mechanism to deal with germs

“During the rainy season, the optimum temperature allows germs, viruses and bacteria to multiply. So, there are many types of virus epidemic. The chance of inhaling the virus into the body is very likely. Therefore, it is easy to infect the virus from the environment. Because the environment will contain droplets, secretions from people who are sick and coughs and sneezes mixed with the environment. especially in areas where the air is not ventilated.” Dr. concluded

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