What is the choice of the penguin who fell alone on the glacier that suddenly cracked? (video)

While a group of penguins were moving on the glacier, the glacier suddenly cracked and only one fell alone. What decision did the lone penguin make?

A video of an isolated penguin’s urgent moment is becoming a hot topic on social media.

According to the Daily Mail in the UK on the 9th, the video became a hot topic again when Dr. Mike Galsworth, co-founder of the research group ‘Scientists for EU’, posted on Twitter that day. Millions of people hit ‘Like’.

The video begins with a group of penguins moving on a glacier. At this time, the ice began to crack around the penguins that were a little far away from the group, and then they were separated from the group and gradually moved away.

At this moment, the penguin alone sprinted towards the place where the glacier had not yet split. Then he succeeded in skipping the rift just before the glacier completely fell off.

The penguin, who succeeded in escaping, slides into a boat and ends up joining the group. Netizens cheered, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve been so heartbroken because of a penguin.”

In fact, this video was released by Derek Munson, a member of the US Coast Guard, in June 2018, saying, “My favorite video I took in Antarctica.” It is being shared again under the title of ‘I can do it’ and is gaining great popularity.

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