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At this time of year when the heat that makes you sigh involuntarily subsides, and the night breeze is especially pleasant at night.

With the arrival of autumn in full swing, what we can’t wait to see are the delicious autumn ingredients.

I especially like mushrooms.Mushrooms are low in calories but rich in B vitamins, vitamin D, dietary fiber, minerals, etc..

And there are many types, and I am grateful that it matches any dish.

and,Dietary fiber is expected to have the effect of modifying the intestinal environmentBecause it can be done, it’s also perfect for changing seasons when it’s easy to get sick.

We got an interesting survey result about mushrooms full of good things to eat, so let’s present them.

First, how do you prepare mushrooms?

I used to use kitchen knives,Koukentetsu culinary researcherI learned from Mr san’s YouTube that mushrooms have a richer aroma and taste if they are split by hand, and since then I have been trying to split them by hand.

this time“Cut the mushrooms by hand”As such, it also has a positive role.

In a survey conducted by Kinoko no Hokuto, five healthy women in their 20s to 50s were asked to chop eryngii mushrooms or bunashimeji mushrooms, and heart rate and saliva amylase were measured immediately after, 5 and 10 minutes later.

then,Decrease in heart rate immediately after splitting mushrooms in all subjectswas seen

moreover,When salivary amylase was measured after 5 minutes of splitting mushrooms, 4 out of 5 subjects showed no change or decrease in salivary amylase values ​​immediately after and 5 minutes later.I.

In other words,Based on changes in heart rate and salivary amylase values, it has been suggested that ‘splitting’ and ‘relaxing’ mushrooms may have a ‘stress reduction/relaxation’ effect, where there is sympathetic nervous system activity. is inhibited and the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system is promoted.

Eating mushrooms alone can help build a better body, but how you cook them can also add value in a variety of ways.

Mushrooms for sure!I was once again impressed by the height of his potential.

By all means, everyone, let’s cut some mushrooms and cook them.

In Kinoko no Hokuto, to commemorate the release of the much-talked-about TV commercial featuring Kana Kurashina, you can win a QUO Pay card by posting a video of splitting a mushroom or posting a photo of a mushroom. A “pleasure” campaign is underway.

“Mushrooms are refreshing whether you eat them or chop them! W campaign of pleasure”

On Youtube, a woman continues to cut mushrooms endlessly… “New sensation cold mushroom video” is also available.

[Hokuto x Nippon Columbia]24 hour LIVE Distribution “Mushroom and Chill”

“W Pleasure Campaign” is available on Hokuto’s official website until October 31, and 24-hour distribution of “New Sensation Chill Mushroom Video” is available on Hokuto’s YouTube channel until December.

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