What is the difference between “pandemic” and “endemic disease”?

Recently, in many countries, including Thailand, it is widely spoken that “Covid-19”, which is now a pandemic, is about to become an endemic disease. In fact, both words have how is the difference

Since March 2020, the world is no longer the same whenWorld Health Organization (WHO) Announcement of upgradecoronavirus disease 2019 or “Covid-19” ispandemic (Pandemic) after the epidemic has spread to more than 100 countries around the world in a few months sinceChinaThe first case of infection was reported in the city.WuhanIn the month of Dec. 2019

More than 2 years have passed until now (25 Jan 2022) around the world.More than 355.7 million cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed and more than 5.62 million have been killed.

While the situation in many countries still facesre-emergencemany ripples andmutateIt is a subspecies such as delta andOmikron in the midst of sprayingvaccine against covidto cover the population in the country as much as possible to stimulategroup immunity

However, the WHO announceCOVIDis this pandemic It’s not the first time it happened in the world. becauseAIDS spanish flu andbird flu (H5N1) has been announced in this condition as well.

What is Pandemic?

in general pandemic (Pandemic) is the epidemic level that spreads around the world, such as the outbreak of2009 new influenza and the latest is the outbreak of diseaseCovid-19

while according to the meaning of WHO the word Pandemic is a disease that spreads around the world thatThe morbidity and mortality rates have increased dramatically. including difficult to predict with a Greek root that means all people It is a term used by infection specialists whenepidemicor epedimic Expanding to many countries or continents at the same time

There are three basic principles for declaring a global pandemic: Diseases can cause illness and death. There is a person-to-person contact. and spreading the epidemic all over the world

3 Factors to Endemic

endemic disease (Endemic) is a disease that occurs regularly in an area. It can be a city, country, group of countries or continents. It has a Greek root that means within the crowd and haveSteady and predictable morbidity rates such as influenza Denguein Thailand

Ministry of Health (MOPH) revealed in January 2022 that the disease situationCovid-19 of Thailand began to stabilize After the infection has increased since the last new year. and tend to becomeendemic disease” within this year

for the disease to becomeendemic diseasethat considering 3 factors as follows

1. The pathogen itself

2. The person who is infected

3. The environment facilitates the balance between the virus and the person, that is, the germ can live. The person can live.

doctorOpas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control mention the trendCovid-19 speciesOmikron will beendemic diseaseIn the future in Dec. 2021 that if it becomes an endemic disease Germs must be able to live with people. Violence must be gradually reduced, for example, Omikron, where violence gradually decreases.

Dr. Opas added that the nextPeople must be able to live with germs. Infected and did not die but can infect to some extent A person’s ability to live with the disease depends on two factors:

1. Vaccination builds immunity when germs come. He did not get seriously ill, died, and lived with the disease.

2. Infected and builds natural immunity, etc.

Endemic diseases are not equal to safety.

Dr.Mike Ryan Director of Emergency Department WHO warned that the WHO may end the announcementGlobal Public Health EmergenciesforCovid-19 within this year because it tends to becomeendemic diseasethat doesn’t mean COVID is no longer a dangerous disease.

“People talk a lot about pandemics and endemic diseases. Endemic Malaria Kills Hundreds of Thousands endemic HIV endemic violence in the inner city Endemic by itself does not mean good. It just means it will last forever.” Dr. Ryan spoke at the World Economic Forum online. Vaccine Equivalence Topics in Jan 2022

“What we need to do is to cause less disease by vaccinating as many people as possible. so that no one has to die This is the end of the state of emergency in my view. That’s the end of the pandemic,” Dr Ryan said.

“We can’t stop the virus this year. We may not be able to stop it. The viral pandemic will end up being part of the ecosystem. All we can do is end the public health emergency.”


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