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Matt Genshiro Date, Logitech Cluster Category Manager, and Amaguri, known for his Minecraft gameplay videos, will be on stage at the presentation.

On October 27, 2022, the Japanese subsidiary of Logitech International, Logitech Co., Ltd., will become the top model of the “G502” series.「G502 X」Publishing a series.“ICON RETURN”According to Logitech, this machine, which has landed in Japan with the long-awaited phrase,“The World’s Best Selling Gaming Mouse”and has many fans in Japan and abroad.「G502」It is a model that has been improved in line with the trends of the time.

That day when I felt “light!” Now he is my friend

The lineup includes the wireless “G502 ​​X PLUS”, the wireless “G502 ​​X LIGHTSPEED”, and the wired “G502 ​​X gaming mouse (this model only, from now on “G502 ​​X “)”, and all models come in black and white color variations, while preventing trends such as expanding theDesign renewal, weight reduction, installation of a new “LIGHTFORCE” switch that combines mechanical and optical features, update of “LIGHTSPEED” installed in a wireless modelIt will be on the technical side. Moreover, he built the G502“The best mouse for addicts even though it has a strong peculiarity”G502 X series has achieved “REINVENTED” while inheriting the “ICON” company. If you are reading this article, you probably have many such users.

Game * Spark has tested and verified 3 models in the past, but during the tests, some questions arose, and I asked the “G502 ​​X development team” about the development intentions and the background of the rice field. From here, we will present the pattern of the exclusive interview “G502X” that was asked to Logitech International.

――What goals did you set when developing the G502 X series?

Logitech G Product Link:As a high-end model of G502,“A model that can further enhance the gaming experience without compromising G502 user satisfaction”Our aim was to further improve satisfaction. The G502 is already the established best-selling gaming mouse in the world. To provide an even better gaming experience, we spent a lot of time researching and researching what today’s gamers need and what features they want to love. Thanks to that effort, I believe we have created a gaming mouse that is loved by more players.

――What kind of method did you use to achieve your goal?

Logitech G Product Link:We provide better gear through human-centered design. We took the approach of listening to “what do the majority of players need right now?”

――How useful was user feedback during development? And what kind of feedback did you get the most?

Logitech G Product Link:We can’t answer specific models or cases, but we always listen to users and players. Feedback is very important to us.

Has a USB-TypeC port following the G303 SHROUD. This is also something that many people in the community have been talking about.

――Over the years since 2014, while continuing to update, it is a high-end model of the G502, “the world’s best-selling gaming mouse”, which is also the main product of LogitechG, and there are significant costs spent on development. I think there. Tell us if there is a token episode.

Logitech G Product Link:I can’t comment on the cost, but there was a lot of pressure to further improve the product, which has already been supported by many users and the community. However, after comprehensively judging the community reaction and market trends so far, we recognize that the G502 X is a masterpiece that can provide a better user experience. Of course, this is not the end goal, and we will continue to develop products that are easy to use, focusing on gamers.

――Although the appearance of the G502X series follows the G502, it gives the impression that the overall edge has been removed (in Japan, the G502 series is called a horned beetle). Why was the design changed in this way?

Logitech G Product Link:Gaming mice are used on a daily basis, not to mention the specifications that appear in numbers such as weight. This is not limited to miceA design loved by usersmust be Incorporating various trends, it has led to the adoption of this design.

Certainly a horned beetle similar to G502

――The G502 contains multiple buttons. I think it’s progressing smoothly, but what was the process behind the expansion?

Logitech G Product Link:We develop based on community trends and direct user feedback, but we don’t reveal details.

――Compared to the G502 series, the wireless model is about 14g lighter at a maximum of about 99.7g (G502X LIGHTSPEED), and the wired model is about 32g lighter at about 89g. What kind of design/improvements make this possible?

Logitech G Product Link:G502 X adopts endoskeleton design (Endoskeleton) in all modelsThe outer shell supports the stress and weight of the mouse, making the inside simpler. Therefore, when comparing the G502 X and the wired model G502, the G502 X is much lighter than the wired model G502 in the design stage, and has achieved more weight savings, such as using lightweight materials for the scroll wheel. On the other hand, the G502 Wireless already had an endoskeleton design. Due to this background, the weight of the G502 X wired model seems to be significantly lighter than the wireless model, but the wired model does not have a different structure from the wireless model.

――In the G502, the wireless model had lighter specifications (G502 HERO/121g, G502 LIGHTSPEED/114g), but in the G502X it was reversed (G502X Gaming Mouse/89g, G502X LIGHTSPEED/99.7g). Leaving aside the G502 X PLUS with LEDs, why does this phenomenon occur between models without LEDs?

Logitech G Product Link:As before,The wired model G502 and the wireless model G502 are similar in shape, but the design of the mouse is completely different internallyin. For that reason, even with a battery, wireless was lighter than wires, but all G502 X models use an endoskeleton design. Therefore, the wired model, which must be equipped with a battery, is heavier. Wired and wireless are usually heavier, but hopefully you can think of the G502 as an exception.

The G502 X gaming mouse is the lightest in the series. The individual I have is 85g (reference value)

――The extra weight function, which was also a feature of the G502 series, has been omitted. What was your reason for skipping it?

Logitech G Product Link:Creating space to put weight on will add weight.We have received various requests from the community, but in general, there were more requests for “we want it to be lighter” than “we want it to be heavier” and “use ballast”, so we prioritized weight reduction. I stopped doing it.[Nodyn yr awdur:Mae’r gyfres G502 X yn cael ei thrin fel “model pen uchel”, ac mae’r gyfres G502 yn parhau i gael ei gwerthu ar gyfer defnyddwyr sy’n well ganddynt fodelau confensiynol]

The G502 series is a type of magnet and the base can be attached and detached. It was also believed that this magnet was one of the reasons for the weight increase.

――Compared to the G502, the G502 X has a larger mouse-only area. Tell us why you expanded or changed this shape. Also, the sole around the sensor is shaped like the G502 LIGHTSPEED (including the G502 X series) with the bottom cut off. Why is this.

Logitech G Product Link:The size of the mouse pad is directly related to the slipperiness of the mouse. However, it’s not only good to be slippery, it’s also important to be able to stop without stress when you want to quit. The G502 X uses PTFE as the material to improve slipperiness compared to the G502. As mentioned above, the shape is also adopted from the more manageable shape.

――How did you develop the “LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches,” which combines optical switches with a response speed of about 1.7 times that of conventional models, excellent response speed and durability, and the clicking feeling of mechanical switches? ?

Logitech G Product Link:It was developed to meet the multiple hidden needs that gaming users always seek for gaming mice: “response speed”, “durability” and “clicking feeling”. It combines the characteristics of both, such as the fast response speed and durability of optical switches and the clicking sensation of mechanical switches, to create an excellent gaming experience. The development approach was common throughout the development of the G502 X, with gamers at the center and listening to the needs of the community. As a result, we realized we wanted speed and click feedback, which led to the development of hybrid switches.

――Is it correct to assume that the number of products using LIGHTFORCE will increase in the future?

Logitech G Product Link:We cannot comment on future product roadmaps, butIf LIGHTFORCE is accepted by gamers, it seems that the number of models that will inevitably be adopted will increase.

――I heard from the person in charge in the Japan region that the new LIGHTSPEED has a maximum delay of about 68%. I think the point of LIGHTSPEED was that there is no delay. What kind of data do you really have?

Logitech G Product Link:Our LIGHTSPEED is very stable and fast. In order to express the speed without disturbing the sense of stability, we have given a numerical value of “up to about 68%”, which is the result of a comparison with the conventional LIGHTSPEED. Detailed data is private.

――I heard that it has become less susceptible to interference even in a crowded environment (although it may be a story that has already exceeded the level that can be tested). What kind of improvements and mechanisms did you use to improve resistance?

Logitech G Product Link:Just as responsiveness is important in a gaming environment where moment-to-moment operation is important, crosstalk is a concern when it comes to wireless and multiplayer environments. LIGHTSPEED technology has also improved anti-crosstalk measures, and is a solution created to realize the ideal wireless gaming environment. Our laboratory has a room that can emit various frequencies and reproduce the worst possible communication conditions.Under these circumstances, we tested various scenarios daily and made further improvements, leading to this improvement in performance.

――Finally, give a message to users who like to use Logitech G (Logitech G) brand accessories.

Logitech G Product Link:Thank you for using Logitech G (Logitech G) products. We will continue to develop technology that players need and love, so please continue to support us.

The final word, “We will continue to develop technology that players love and need,” is “very smart”. Not only love, not only need,“Technology that is loved and needed”You can see Logitech International’s thinking in the word. I’d like to expect more from Logitech International and Logitech, the giants of PC peripherals in general.