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What is the iPhone photography style? how to use?Must Learn Personalized Photo Style Skills-Mr. Crazy

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After Apple has added the latest “Photography Style” function to the new iPhone 13 series, it can allow everyone to take photos with their iPhone to have their own personalization, but many people still don’t know much about it until now.What is the iPhone photography style?How to use photography style? Let me tell you all in this article.

What is the iPhone photography style?

iPhone Photography Style is a personalized photo style function originally launched by Apple for the iPhone 13 series. It can apply personal photography preferences to all photos, and can adjust the color tone and color temperature. It also retains important elements of the image, such as skin tone or Sky etc.

Apple Photography styleProvides four preset groups for users to choose and adjust, includingRich contrast, bright, warm, cool, You can directly use the built-in camera and click on the photography style to immediately apply it, allowing users, photography enthusiasts and photographers who love to take pictures with iPhone to keep the same filter color for each photo, which can save taking pictures. Adjust to the same style time one by one.

What is the iPhone photography style

How does the photography style work? What is the difference with filters?

Apple emphasizes that the iPhone 13 “Photography Style” is not a filter function, but it can be regarded as an advanced AI version of the filter function. The main difference between the photography style and the filter is that the common filter function is to apply the same type to the entire photo. As a result, when shooting portraits or landscapes, skin tones or the sky will lose accuracy, resulting in reddish or orange and unnatural looks.

Now you can use the iPhone “Photography Style” to shoot, improving the color cast problem of the original filter. When taking photos with the iPhone, the lens and the system will analyze and disassemble the element content in the screen, and automatically judge the skin, hair, sky, trees, etc. Elements, and individually dimming and processing for each part, and finally recombining them together, you will get the final result. These functions are also effects that cannot be achieved by ordinary filters, and they can also make the photos appear more natural and more natural. real.

How to use iPhone 13 photography style?

If you want to use the photography style function, only iPhone 13 series or subsequent new models can be activated at present. As for the photography style settings and techniques, the following instructions:

Set photography style

When you open the iPhone 13’s built-in camera app for the first time, you will see the photography style startup screen.Configuration“choose”camera“Select the “Photography style」。

Set photography style

In addition to the standard style of “Photographic Style”, there are four other “Bright, rich contrast, warm, cool“You can choose, just click to use the style, you can immediately adjust the camera’s preset style, saving the need to adjust each time you turn on the camera, the following are the characteristics of each preset style:

  • Standard style: IPHone thinks about the preset style presented, which is balanced and true and natural.
  • Rich contrast style: Deeper shadows, richer colors and stronger contrast create a dramatic style.
  • Distinctive style: Bright vivid colors and colors create an outstanding but natural style.
  • Warm style: The golden background color creates a warm color style.
  • Cool style: The blue background color creates a cool style.

Set photography style 1

iPhone 13 photography style teaching

Want to use iPhone 13 photography style, You can follow the steps below:

Open the built-in “Camera App” and click the arrow button at the top or the gray viewfinder at the bottom to slide up, then you can click “Photography style“Button (the pattern will show three cards).

iPhone 13 photography style teaching

You can switch left and right which you want to apply “Photography style“And choose a style, you can also go through the”Hue, color temperature“Swipe to modify it to your favorite style effect, after confirming, you can directly press the shutter to shoot.

iPhone 13 photography style teaching 1

If you have to modify the photography style through the camera, you only need to open the built-in camera app to apply the selected filter style directly. If you don’t need it, you can change it back to the default style from the camera settings.

What is the difference between using photography style?

For the first time you use the “Photographic Style” function, you may not feel that there is a difference, but you can see through the picture below, you can carefully look at the leaves behind the characters and switch to different styles with the style. Skin color, sky, and buildings can still maintain the correct tone.

What is the difference between using photography style

The color and shadow style introduced by Apple is mainly to allow users to adjust to the desired hue, but can keep the skin color and sky color of the portrait normal. If you want a stronger warm color, you can adjust it through the hue or color temperature. Presenting natural and dramatic colors, or a style image that can be adjusted to cool tones and midline tones.

What is the difference between using photography style 1

As the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro series cameras become more and more powerful, Apple has also added a lot of new functions to the camera function. The new iPhone photography style this time mainly depends on the A15 for real-time calculations, so that you can apply it. The style can be presented immediately. This feature is very helpful for users who like to use filter effects. The style of photos that can be taken with the iPhone is exclusively personal.

If you want to learn more about the new features of iOS 15 photography, you can also continue to refer to the following teaching:

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