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What is the ‘Kim Seon-ho’s private life controversy’ seen by the ‘secret newsroom’ lawyer? “It’s not a criminal matter.”

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‘Secret Newsroom Kim Seon-ho Photo = IHQ

‘The Secret Newsroom examines Kim Seon-ho’s private life controversy from a legal point of view.

In the 10th episode of Channel IHQ’s ‘Secret Newsroom’, which will be aired on the afternoon of the 30th, lawyer Jeong Hye-jin, a former reporter, appears as a special panel and focuses on actress Kim Seon-ho, who was caught up in a controversy over her privacy due to the revelation of her ex-girlfriend.

Previously, the revelation that started the case shocked me with the content that Kim Seon-ho unilaterally informed me of the breakup after coercing an abortion under the guise of marriage.

In response, lawyer Jeong Hye-jin explained that the crimes of adultery under the pretext of marriage and abortion were already abolished, and it is difficult to see that Kim Seon-ho had committed a criminal act.”

Lawyer Jung, however, is cautious about this part because there is a moral accusation aside from legal issues.”

A detailed legal explanation of the penalty surrounding Kim Seon-ho, who is in the process of getting off the commercials and next work due to this controversy, will also be disclosed. Lawyer Jung said, “There are penalties for breach of contract and penalties, but breach of penalty is a kind of fine, which is more frightening.”

On this day’s broadcast, the exact meaning of legal terms such as ‘defamation’, ‘not guilty’ and ‘not guilty’, which frequently appear in broadcaster incidents, is conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner.

Meanwhile, ‘Secret Newsroom is a new concept entertainment talk show featuring MC Kim Han-seok, Kim Hyung-ja, LJ, Jiwon-i, Kim Yeon-su, culture critic, Jeong Hye-jin, lawyer, and IHQ reporter (K-Star News).

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