What is the Nike Sakai Vapor Waffle application link… Nike online store open until 12:00 noon

[이코노뉴스=정신영 기자] The Nike Sakai Vapor Waffle application link is a hot topic.

According to the Nike Online Store, you can apply from 11 am to 12 pm on the 17th. Nike X Sakai’s latest collaboration product is in the process of drawing applications.

▲ (Photo = courtesy of Nike)

The winning results will be announced at 1 pm on the same day.

If you win, you can purchase it until 3 pm.

Simply access Nike Sneakers and click Apply. The price is 219,000 won.

Earlier in 2019, a joint venture between Sakai and Nike, LD Waffle, received attention. This model, which combines Nike’s old running shoes LDV and Daybreak into one, was praised for expressing Sakai’s cute but elegant brand image.

At the 2020 Paris Fashion Week, a new collaboration between Sakai and Nike, Vapor Waffle, is drawing attention.

Reporter Jeong Min-young [email protected]

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