What is the reason for taking ‘vitamin B’ when immunity is low?

During the changing season, when the temperature drops sharply before winter, special attention needs to be paid to health care. This is because when the temperature drops rapidly, the body cannot adapt to the external temperature difference and the immunity is lowered. When your immune system is weakened, you are vulnerable to many illnesses, including allergies, colds, and the flu. Pharmacist Ji-young Kim recommended vitamin B group as a nutrient that should be taken at this time to boost immunity.

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B vitamins are also known as immune vitamins. This is because vitamin B is involved in the production of T lymphocytes, the body’s immune system, and prevents diseases such as colds and allergies caused by weak immunity. Among the B vitamins, especially B6, B9, and B12, it plays an important role in generating the first immune response that is at the forefront of pathogens entering the body.

Mechanism of immune promotion of B vitamins
Cells infected with a pathogen become host to the pathogen, fail to function properly, and synthesize substances for the pathogen. At this stage, NK cells (natural killer cells) play a role in detecting these abnormal cells and removing them immediately. NK cells, which represent the body’s basic innate immunity, then secrete various cytokines and chemokines to activate adaptive immune cells such as dendritic cells, T cells, and B cells. This immune response is activated’ n directly by the B vitamins.

In addition, B vitamins help the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to help create energy for our body to fight even if viruses attack the body. In addition, the nutrients in the food you eat can be used well and can do their job, contributing to improving immunity.

How to take B vitamins?
Vitamin B is abundant in meat, fish, grains, and vegetables, so if you maintain a balanced diet, you can supplement it to some extent. Representative vitamin B foods include spinach, chicken breast, eggs, tuna, milk, broccoli, and brown rice. However, modern people are often deficient in vitamin B due to excessive work and lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking. In this case, taking vitamin B as a nutritional supplement can also be a way.

B vitamins, which one to choose?

Unlike other vitamins that have a single component, B vitamins contain a total of 8 types: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. Pharmacist Ji-young Kim said, “Because these eight substances are organically linked and work, it’s good to make sure they’re all included.” Among these, products containing the active form of benfotiamine are recommended for vitamin B1. Benfotiamine is quickly absorbed into the body and its medicinal effect lasts for a long time.

Pharmacist Jiyoung Kim said, “Modern people who are prone to fatigue and stress often use vitamins and are easily depleted. As B vitamins are water soluble, the excess components that are absorbed from the body are excreted in the urine. At this time, because vitamin B2 takes on a yellowish color, the color of urine can change to fluorescent yellow or pale green.

When choosing a product with a high content, the content of B3 and B6 should be checked. This is because there is a risk of side effects in case of an overdose. Vitamin B3 can cause side effects such as flushing and burning if consumed in excess. Therefore, in the case of niacin, the upper limit of intake should not exceed 35 mg, and in the case of nicotinic acid amide, it should not exceed 1,000 mg. Symptoms including ataxia and sensory neuropathy can occur if vitamin B6 is taken in high doses (50 to 200 mg) for a long period of time. The maximum daily intake of vitamin B6 is 100 mg.

Some people complain of gastrointestinal disorders such as heartburn the longer they take high vitamin supplements. To reduce these side effects, you can choose a product that contains magnesium oxide among high content products. Magnesium oxide neutralizes stomach acid.


Help = Pharmacist Jiyoung Kim

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