What is the salmon sushi praised by Chairman Chey Tae-won? an explosion of interest

Photo = Captured from Chairman Chey Tae-won’s Instagram

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won praised the sushi, rolls and salads made with ‘cell cultured salmon’ on his social networking service (SNS).

Chairman Choi posted on the evening of the 14th that he had visited Wildtype, co-founded in San Francisco by Ariye Elfenbane and Justin Colbeck, cardiologists at Yale University, during a business trip to the United States last month.

Chairman Choi, posting photos and videos of salmon meat produced through cell culture, said, “How human life and the global environment will change if we can eat fish that is sustainable and tastes the same as nutrition without taking the life of the fish? “.

“Fish cultured in cells do not have fatal health problems such as methylmercury or antibiotics contained in wild and farmed fish, and they contain an abundance of nutrients necessary for our body , such as omega 3, protein, vitamins and calcium.”

In particular, Chairman Choi wrote, “It can significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emitted during fishing, aquaculture and transportation, and protect the marine ecosystem that is endangered by overfishing.”

What is the 'salmon sushi' that is highly praised by Chairman Chey Tae-won?  an explosion of interest

Chairman Choi’s interest in ‘alternative foods’ is not the first. Last year, Chairman Choi introduced dozens of alternative American foods such as ice cream, milk, meat, butter, seafood, and ham on his SNS, and praised it saying, “The first place among them is definitely ice cream vanilla fermented protein.”

The industry is interested to see if the investment will go ahead in a company similar to wild and Chairman Choi praised the fact that SK has been investing in alternative food companies.

As part of its ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investment strategy, SK Group, an investment firm specializing in SK Group, is strengthening its investment in alternative food companies with core technologies.

Among American companies, they invest about 120 billion won in 2020 and last year in ‘Perfect Day’, which succeeded in producing fermented milk protein with a protein gene removed from cows for the first time in the world .

In addition, last year, it invested 29 billion won in Nature’s Find, which succeeded in developing alternative protein raw materials rich in nutrients using microorganisms found in Yellowstone National Park and its own fermentation technology.

Choi Soo-jin, reporter at Hankyung.com naive@hankyung.com

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