What is the significance of Sreelekha’s disclosure, court – Sreelekha IPS | Actress Attack | Dileep | High Court of Kerala

Kochi: The High Court accused the prosecution of repeatedly asking for an extension of the deadline to submit the investigation report of the actress assault case. The court’s accusation came when the crime branch asked for more time for the further investigation of the case in the context of the changed hash value of the memory card, which is a crucial evidence of the case. The crime branch raised the demand in the court that the hash value should be investigated.

The prosecution demanded an investigation into the revelations of Srilekha, who was the jail DGP, in connection with the case. The opposite question for the court was what is the significance of the disclosures. The High Court has allowed the cloned copy and mirror image of the memory card to be submitted to the trial court. Permission is to be obtained and submitted in a sealed envelope from the forensic lab. The plea of ​​the crime branch seeking extension of time limit was adjourned for hearing on Monday.

The government has informed the High Court that the final report has been prepared in the further investigation into the actress assault case. The court allowed the crime branch to submit the cloned copy of the memory card. It should be given to the trial court in a sealed cover purchased from the forensic lab. Meanwhile, the crime branch demanded that the former DGP R. Srilekha be questioned in the case of assault on the actress. The crime branch demanded in the trial court.

English Summary: After Sreelekha IPS’s video on Dileep, prosecution demands probe


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