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What kind of bottoming shirt to wear in a sweater looks good, so it’s elegant and fashionable to wear it|Sweatshirt|Bottoming shirt_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: What kind of bottoming shirt to wear in sweaters looks good, so it’s elegant and fashionable to wear

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What kind of bottoming shirt looks good on a sweater? There are many ways to wear a sweater. Wearing a bottoming inside a sweater is also beautiful and has a sense of layering.

What looks good in the sweater

Wear T-shirts, shirts, POLO shirts, small high-necked bottoming shirts, etc. in the sweater. When the weather is cold, you can also wear sweaters and knitwear in the sweater. Wearing skirts in the spring and autumn sweater is more temperament. You only need to wear the long sweater. It’s ok if it’s not very swollen. The styles of sweaters can be divided into hooded, hooded, cardigan and no cardigan. Whether it is a sweater with a zipper or a sweater without a zipper, a T-shirt inside can not only increase a certain degree of warmth, but also increase the layering of the whole dress. For sweaters without zippers, it is also very good to wear a T-shirt underneath. The T-shirt worn in the sweater generally chooses a pure color T-shirt sweater such as white. On the one hand, it is easier to take care of, on the other hand, the solid-color T-shirt is less difficult to control, and the solid-color T-shirt is also more versatile. As an inner shirt, it generally refers to a short-sleeved shirt. When wearing a T-shirt without a zipper, we can find that we need to expose the collar of the shirt, so that it can give people a youthful and handsome feeling. This is also a very popular sweater Dressing skills. Of course, generally speaking, the hem of the shirt is not exposed. Exposing the hem will give people a casual, free and easy temperament. However, it is also a bit difficult to control, you need to match it according to your own temperament. Shirts generally give people a more formal feel, with some sense of restraint. But if you want to wear a shirt with a sense of matching, you can choose a POLO shirt. Polo shirts are considered to be excessive clothing of shirts and T-shirts. They are also very comfortable to wear, but they are more formal than T-shirts. This way of wearing is also a very popular way of wearing nowadays.

What to wear in the sweater to make a good look

The style of sweater is more versatile, and there are many primers inside, such as striped shirt or plaid shirt, dress or suspender skirt for matching. Sweaters and shirts are actually a relatively fixed match. Sweaters and shirts will look very casual. Generally, long shirts are chosen so that the cuffs, hem and collar can be exposed. The lower body can be worn with a pair of jeans, which is also very classic. If you have the conditions, you can choose a striped shirt or a plaid shirt. Stripes and plaid are a specific element, and there is no sense of conflict with the sweater. Sweaters and skirts are actually very common, but wearing a dress or suspender skirt is very trendy. Both the dress and the suspender skirt are attached to the upper body, which means wearing a dress or suspender skirt and then a sweater, so that the pattern on the upper body of the skirt cannot be seen, only the skirt can show it. Therefore, when choosing a skirt, you should focus on the collocation of the skirt with the sweater. You can choose some skirts with patterns on the hem or with a strong sense of layering, which can also highlight the characteristics. In addition to shirts and dresses, T-shirts can also be used as inner wear for sweaters. There are also high-necked bottoming shirts and lace bottoming shirts, both of which can be used as inner wears.

What pants go with a pink sweater

Pink sweater with black sweatpants or black daddy pants, if you are afraid that pink is difficult to hold other colors, black is the safest choice; pink sweater with white straight-leg pants, pink is the best match with black except for white. People feel refreshed, white neutralizes the tenderness of pink; pink sweater with jeans, fresh blue jeans with sweet sweater and white shoes, bring a touch of coolness to autumn and winter, breaking the dull feeling of autumn and winter; pink Sweater with wide-leg pants, and pink cartoon sweater with gray wide-leg pants will give you a girly look, while also possessing the charm of a woman’s elegant temperament. No matter what color is matched with achromatic (black, white and gray), you can’t go wrong, and pink is no exception. Pink and white are a pair of sweet little sisters, these two colors are matched together, the color purity is low, the overall shape is very bright and fresh, giving a youthful vitality without losing elegance. Pairing pink clothes with black trousers, black can neutralize the fluttering of pink, let the whole body shape sink, have a center of gravity, black trousers are more handsome and neutral than matching white trousers. Pink and gray are very harmonious. Both colors are low-purity colors infused with white, which are extremely low-key and more suitable for the atmosphere of autumn and winter.

What pants go with yellow sweater

Light blue jeans, black leather pants, nine-point ripped jeans, black ripped straight jeans, white pants with small feet, denim shorts. Sweatshirts are versatile clothes. The overall style is casual, with high yellow saturation. It is recommended that other clothes choose light colors to be more coordinated. Light blue jeans are a very versatile and fashionable clothing. Pairing with a beautiful and comfortable yellow sweater is very fashionable and individual. Black leather pants have been introduced many times in previous experience. They are stylish and sexy, and they look great with a yellow sweater. Jeans should be a must-have item in our daily wear. It is fashionable, casual and versatile. The nine-point ripped jeans must be more fashionable than ordinary jeans, and yellow sweaters are also very suitable. When it comes to denim shorts, everyone must be familiar with them. They are fashionable and casual and show long legs. With a casual yellow sweater, they are fashionable and beautiful.


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