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Sweat itself has no smell.

Here are some fun facts about sweat that we didn’t know. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

Sweating is often tiring, but as we all know, sweating is important to maintain body temperature. In addition, interesting facts about sweat that we did not know well were presented on the American radio broadcast ‘NPR’.

1. Sweat is water and salt

Sweat is simply the water and salt secreted by sweat glands. As sweat changes from liquid to gas and evaporates, it cools the blood by removing heat from the blood just under the skin. This blood circulates throughout the body to help maintain the correct temperature for the body to function.

2. Sweat has no smell… , However

Sweat is mostly odorless. At least in the case of sweat dripping from your forehead and arms after running. However, sweat from the armpits or groin is different. The sweat glands in this area are called apocrine glands, which secrete sweat in a protein-rich form that bacteria eat. It is a byproduct of these sweat-eating bacteria that causes odor.

3. These bacteria are actually good bacteria

Even if you’re worried about the smell of sweat, it’s best not to wipe it off immediately with antibacterial soap. This is because odor-causing microbes also help protect the skin from harmful pathogens and prevent eczema. Instead, it is enough to remove the smell by gently stirring it with a soft soap.

4. Most animals do not sweat

Scientists estimate that sweat glands evolved as people migrated to grasslands and pastures between 1.5 and 2.5 million years ago. Most other animals do not sweat. If animals cannot find shelter or water, they try to prevent their bodies from getting too hot. In one of the many ways animals keep cool, presented by NPR, the lions at the Maryland Zoo snack on frozen blood to cool off in the scorching summer.

5. It is best to bathe in warm water during tropical nights

It might not make sense at first glance, but taking a warm bath or shower at night will make you feel better about falling asleep because it draws heat from your body and cools it down as you go. the water evaporates from your skin. It is best to do this an hour before going to bed.

6. Some Insects Want Salt in Human Sweat

Some insects, such as mosquitoes, are attracted to human sweat. Insects, like us, need the sodium in salt, as it is in the salty sweat of people. Scientists speculate that the ancestors of some sweating mosquitoes millions of years ago found that there was a much more nutritious substance under human skin: blood. Blood-sucking mosquitoes had an evolutionary advantage over non-blood-sucking and reproductive mosquitoes.

7. What if astronauts sweat?

Sweat can be a problem in low gravity environments like space. Without gravity, sweat doesn’t drip off your skin. Sweat accumulates on the skin, which can interfere with the operation of electronic equipment and make the astronaut’s behavior more uncomfortable. Astronauts wear special underwear with cooling tubes that quickly dissipate heat during space missions. Interestingly, the space station recycles sweat and uses it as drinking water.

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