What? News of the protagonist-heroine breaking up because of a house car!?

Tao TV Pool reveals clear clues. News of the hero and heroine breaking up. Mount Mount is watching. The cause is from the car, the end of the news!?

Image from Instagram tao_tvpool

It is a hot news issue in the entertainment industry that has been closely watched over the past week with the latest news of the hero and heroine breaking up (30 November 2021). Celebrity entertainment journalist Tao TV Pool has also come out to move about this.

By the way, Tao TV Pool posted a short message on IG that “The news of the hero and heroine broke up. Because the car is a reason to notice, end the news” and also posted a caption that “Don’t have to call. Come to ask, lazy to answer”

Will this statement refer to the couple that many people are thinking about? So what’s the story of this couple? Will have to wait to follow up.


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