“What the hell did you hear?”… 63,000 won Starbucks Lucky Bag ‘sold out again’ despite the ‘stock tray’ controversy

picture explanationStarbucks lucky bag. [사진 출처 = 스타벅스]

Starbucks Lucky Bag continued to sell out quickly this year, showing off its health.

According to Starbucks on the 21st, almost all of the Lucky Bags, which started selling on the 20th the day before, were sold out on the same day. A Starbucks official explained, “Except for a few stores, almost sold out within a day.”

Starbucks Lucky Bag is a package containing various Starbucks merchandise (MD). At the beginning of every year, it sells exclusive Lucky Bag products, products released last season, and coupons for free drinks.

This year’s Lucky Bag includes 1 lucky bag exclusive product (oatmeal study cold cup or green study cold cup) and 5 products from last season (1 stainless steel tumbler, 1 plastic tumbler or ceramic mug, 3 accessories such as keychain, Ecomac, etc.) species) is composed of

All Lucky Bag purchasers receive 3 free drink coupons, and some Lucky Bags include 4 additional free drink coupons. The price is 63,000 won, the same as last year.

The popularity of Lucky Bag is increasing year by year. The day before, at major Starbucks stores, there was an ‘open run’ phenomenon in which consumers who wanted to purchase a lucky bag lined up before the store opened.

Currently, various ‘purchase verification shots’ are uploaded along with the Lucky Bag hashtag on various SNS such as Instagram. Various reviews such as “Successful Star Bus Open Run after a long time”, “It was cold, but it was worth waiting for it”, “This year is also an MD restaurant”, etc.

It is said that they are generally satisfied with it, but there were also responses that the composition was disappointing. It is pointed out that the usability or attractiveness of the product is low. Some consumers responded critically, such as “I was disappointed when I lined up with high expectations” and “I used it well in the past, but now it’s not good”.

As in last year, there are still criticisms that the stock is out of stock. Starbucks is selling unpopular products that were not sold out last season. A Starbucks official said, “This year’s Lucky Bag is made up of products for the 2020-2021 season, and the components change every time.”

On the other hand, since the sale of Lucky Bags started, resale (resale) articles have been continuously posted on second-hand trading platforms such as Carrot Market and Used Nara. They only receive a free drink coupon and resell the lucky bag as it is, or sell some components separately.

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