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What was finally installed in the new Seibu MetLife D-Professional Baseball: Nikkan Sports

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Seibu’s headquarters, MetLife Dome (Saitama, Tokorozawa) has been reborn. Three years after the announcement of the renovation plan in November 2017, it was a large project that cost about 18 billion yen. The whole picture was revealed at the media preview on the 8th. At the discretion and prejudice of the reporter in charge … I will introduce it in a ranking format!

▽ 4th place Train Square With the idea of ​​a team that has Seibu Railway in the group, a vehicle was born in the square behind the left wing as a new symbol. Its name is “L-train 101”. Vehicle 101 series wrapped in team color. Even before the announcement, railroad fans discovered the vehicles stored in the garage and became a hot topic.

▽ 3rd place Lawn outfield seats The lawn seats, which have been popular for 42 years since the stadium started operation in 1979, have been renewed with seats. Core fans may feel a little lonely. Rest assured that the front and back intervals are wide and it will not hinder your support.

▽ No. 2 Bench equipped with air conditioning equipment Air conditioning was installed in the first row of the bench. When I introduced it on Seibu’s official Twitter account (@nikkan_lions), he said, “I haven’t seen it before !?” The owner of Goto said, “It was a stadium that was suitable for the natural environment, which was hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the air-conditioning system provided cold and warm air. The environment for fighting was set up.” Good news for players.

▽ 1st place Escalator Escalator equipped to connect the “American Express Premium Lounge” in the basement from the back net back stand. The famous steep stairs that connect the player locker room on the upper floor from the back of the bench have disappeared. It’s nice and lonely that there are no 108 steps that both players and reporters scream.

A new stadium that will serve as a base for the fusion of real and digital, which the Seibu Group advocates, while retaining its good old shape. However, there is one thing that is missing. Director Tsuji said, “For us, there is no champion flag next to the team flag. This is the only thing that has been lost. We will recapture this and fight for the best in Japan.” The first year of the new MetLife Dome will begin on the 26th.[Seibu charge = Naruyoshi Kurita]

◆ History of Seibu Stadium

1979 (Showa 54) Completed “Seibu Lions Stadium” as the third fully artificial turf stadium in Japan. Both wings 95 meters, mid-sized 120 meters. The outfield stand was uniquely made with natural turf (later artificial turf). The opening game against Nippon-Ham Fighters on April 14th.

July 7, 1997 Construction of roofing begins

March 18, 1999 Completion of the fifth dome stadium “Seibu Dome” in Japan. Both wings were expanded to 100 meters and mid-sized 122 meters. The opening game is the Giants game on the 20th.

2005 Naming rights introduced and became “Invoice SEIBU Dome”

2007 Renamed to “Good Will Dome”. This off, repair work such as scoreboard repair and artificial turf replacement was carried out.

2008 Large-scale renovation off following the previous year. The stand was renovated and made barrier-free. A field sheet was also installed.

2009 The bench on the third base side is changed to the home.

In 2015, “Seibu Prince Dome”.

In 2017, the name was changed to “MetLife Dome”. Started redevelopment of the stadium and its surroundings as a project to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the team.