“What was taken without knowing…” Media-requested “consideration” content from Gaku Shibasaki and Erina Mano: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

On November 29, 2022, the actor Erina Mano, the wife of the Japanese national soccer player, Gaku Shibasaki, responded to some media that posted photos of her watching the game in the stadium, saying, “Our family and the people around us here. , It would be useful if you could consider a reflection of the faces of the people around you,” he asked on Twitter.

As for Mr. Mano, it was reported in several media that he was watching the game in the soccer World Cup in Qatar, which is being held.

  • Erina Mano (Photo: Quality Sports Images / Aflo)

  • Erina Mano (Photo: Quality Sports Images / Aflo)

The media deleted the article

On the 29th, around 14:00, Mano posted on Twitter, “I consulted the office and asked them to deal directly with the relevant issues, but I think there are some things that I have not fully understood, so I will. try again.”

“I think it can’t be helped to some extent, but as our family and the people around us will be posting pictures on the stand, it would be helpful if you could be considerate of the faces of those from scope.”

I called. He continued, “Of course I go to the stadium with the desire to support my family and the people around me directly. We would appreciate it if you could understand the media,” and he asked for consideration from some media.

Six hours after this tweet, he said, “I worry if I can convey it well when I tweet like this, but my family understands that it can’t be helped if I happen to be in the picture while watching stadium game Posted in a way that will be picked up. If the faces of the family next to me are clearly visible in the photo, I would at least want them cropped.”

“Finally, the article in question has been deleted. Thank you for your understanding. And if you see the media posting such pictures again in the future, please refrain from throwing too strong words. Words are negatives hurt my heart, even if they weren’t meant for me.”

At the end, he concluded positively, “With that said, this is the end of the story! Thank you all for your messages and retweets. Let’s support Japan with all our strength in the next game as well !”

It is not known if it was reported in the post, but some football media articles which posted pictures of Mr Mano and a woman he believed to be an acquaintance watching the match against Costa Rica have been deleted by halftime day on the 30th.

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