What was the story Innocent was trying to tell?: Manju Warrier

Innocentan was a laughing bird who used to fly over the phone every now and then. The news lasts for hours. Sometimes he would fill his stomach with laughter. At other times, he took the Manichitra dinner for some to lock a part of his mind and fulfill secret stories. At times he reminded me how much life is a complex word problem and taught me how to fill them out. Finally, while in Dubai, Innocentaton’s phone came. Presenting the sick note was even thought to be the start of some funny story. He told me to come back and see him in person.

When he went to his house in Iringalakuda, Innocent took him to some worlds of experience as usual. But standing at some crossroads of memory, he lost his way. No matter how hard I tried to tell the story, I couldn’t remember it. This was the first time to see such an innocent. Innocentate sent the trip with the word that he would remember it the next time he saw him. What was the story? Innocentaten will remember him when he sees him someday.