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If from the solar system”sunWhat will be the effect on the earth if it “disappears”?

The foreign YouTube channel ‘What If’ explains the impact on the earth and how mankind continues to survive.

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What is the effect of the life of the sun on the earth and on mankind?

At the center of our solar system, the sun is an extremely hot plasma star that provides heat and energy to the earth. But the sun is like a ticking time bomb.

The sun is now said to be 10 billion years old. And it is expected to live only about 5 billion years longer.

Before the sun burns out, it expands and eventually becomes a red giant, the evolutionary stage after the star finishes being a main sequence star. And the sun, which became a red giant, will blow the outer layer out of the solar system.

After that, the sun gets smaller and smaller until it eventually cools down to what is known as a white dwarf star over billions of years. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune will survive these changes in the Sun and continue to orbit the Sun. Mercury, Venus, and Earth, which is closest to the Sun, may disappear.

However, since the sun will disappear in the distant future, it will not affect humans alive now.

What would happen if the sun exploded as a supernova? The solar flare may look like the most spectacular firework ever seen by mankind.

Or maybe you can’t really see anything. Because the sun is 150 million km away from the earth, it takes 8 minutes for light from the sun to reach us.

It takes at least 50 to 100 light years away for Earth to completely escape a supernova explosion. But if the sun exploded, the shock wave would not destroy the entire planet.

However, the side facing the sun should boil immediately. And the surface temperature of the other half will also skyrocket, and it will be in perpetual darkness.

And when the sun disappears, the orbit cannot be maintained, the earth begins to float in space, and the remaining humans will try desperately to survive.

It is also possible that the Earth will be locked into the orbits of other stars that provide the same light and heat as the Sun. But when that happens, humanity will be long gone.

However, if we know in advance when the sun will explode, we can prepare for it. For example, given enough time to prepare, we could build huge underground chambers to keep civilizations alive.

Within a week after the solar flare, the Earth’s surface temperature should drop to around -18°C. Then, within a year, it will drop to about -73 ° C. At this point, the sea begins to freeze from top to bottom.

And within 1000 years, the Earth’s atmosphere would freeze and collapse, and the surface would be exposed to cosmic rays and meteorite impacts. Hopefully by then humanity may be able to find a new home.

The sun may explode at some point, but it won’t explode suddenly. It will be a long, slow and complex process over billions of years before the sun explodes.

It is difficult to predict what the galaxy will look like billions of years from now, or what will happen if the sun that holds our solar system together disappears.

But in the very, very distant future, the Sun may begin to expand and then contract, allowing new stars to take its place. At that time, if human beings, miraculously, still existed, where would they live? Your offspring may be born on a space station.

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