“What you see” changes the team Shinjo style permeates Nippon Ham, and newcomers also “want to change themselves” | Full-Count

Kida 2 Army director’s diet success is not the only “bud of change” one after another

Nippon-Ham’s newcomer joint voluntary training began on the 9th, and 13 newcomers marked the first step in their professional baseball life. Director Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who visited on the first day, is trying to encourage the team to grow by being seen. Director Kida 2 has already succeeded in dieting and withdrew his conspicuous stomach. Furthermore, it seems that this idea is gradually spreading to newcomers who have touched the commander’s transmission.

Naoki Arizono (Chiba Gakugei High School), who joined the team in the second place in the draft, is a cannon boasting 70 home runs in high school. It is a future center pole candidate who is also highly evaluated for the third base defense that makes the best use of his strong shoulders. However, contrary to his large physique, he speaks in a simple manner. Until now, I haven’t had much to do with a role like a leader. He says that he “doesn’t like it very much” when he hears it.

On the first day of the joint voluntary training on the 9th, 263 fans gathered at the stand and watched the new players perform basic training. Arisono does not hide his tension, saying, “I felt like I could see it. It was like professional baseball.”

Since taking office, Director Shinjo has been attracting attention to Nippon Ham through media such as television. With the amount of transmission that overwhelms other teams, Shinjo’s idea is also conveyed to new players. Arisono is also trying to break his shell, saying, “I was talking about something like sharpening, so I will do it with that consciousness. I want to change myself.”

If you feel that you are being watched, make various efforts to make it look better. You will also think about what is good about you. Director Shinjo may think that this will encourage changes in mind and body. The commander said to the success of the diet of the Kida 2nd army director who was hungry, “Even the Kida 2nd army director succeeded in losing more than 5 kg. I was very happy with this, and this deepened my relationship of trust with the Kida 2nd Army Commander, “he wrote on his Instagram. I feel the effect of the transmission because the leaders have taken the initiative to change.

Director Shinjo has already stated that he will go to see the 2nd army camp on the first day of the camp. It will be a great stimulus for high school graduate rookies who are in the training stage. Arisono is also aiming at the appeal aimed at “at that time”, saying, “It’s not usually possible. I want you to see where you can finish it with one shot even in batting.” Fan eyes, media eyes, and big boss eyes. A number of gazes help the Fighters emerge, finishing fifth for three consecutive years.

(Keita Hatori)



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